The Aspergirl’s Survival Guide: Top 10 Tips for Errands Days

At this point, most of us have already gotten over the post-holiday hangover and have settled back into ordinary life, from work all the way to the daily things that we normally do. And one of those things that is part of ordinary life is running errands.

For most, running errands is just another that just needs to get done, and isn’t a problem at all. However, for high functioning autistics and aspies, sometimes, it’s not so easy, and situations may arise which end up becoming big problems for us. So, in line with this, here are ten tips and tricks that I have picked up over the years in order to make errands day something to look forward to.

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The Aspie Survival Guide: How To Survive Shopping Days & Malls

Malls, shops and stores are quite challenging for those on the spectrum and Aspies as they present a smorgasbord of external sensory stimuli and anxieties that end up overwhelming an individual. However, going to the mall or going shopping in brick and mortar stores is something that is unavoidable. Sure, there is the alternative of shopping online instead, but sometimes, there are just some cases in which you do have to go out to one of these establishments, either to buy something, or to meet up with family or friends.

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