The Aspergirl's Survival Guide

The Aspergirl’s Survival Guide: Tips on how to Weather Typhoons/Hurricanes

Living in a tropical country like the Philippines means that summers are extremely hot and humid, and that we are subject to a lot of natural disasters. Some of these that we have the most experience in include heavy rains brought in by the monsoon, and, of course, storms and a lot of typhoons. Typhoons, storms and hurricanes happen all over the world every year, and as each year goes by, the frequency and the intensity of these storms get stronger all the time. And as (Super) Typhoon Mangkhut (local name Typhoon Ompong) is currently in the Philippines, and as Hurricane Florence is currently in some parts of the United States, I decided to compile a little list of tips that I use for myself whenever typhoons happen.

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The Aspergirl Reflects

The Aspergirl Reflects: Lessons Learned from the #TaketheMaskOff Challenge

As the #TaketheMaskOff Challenge draws to a close this week, I decided to look back at the past six weeks and what I’ve written here as part of the challenge, and to see how it has impacted me, and what I hope I was able to do with writing these things down here. So, without further ado, here is my very last entry for the #TaketheMaskOff Challenge!

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The Aspergirl's Survival Guide

The Aspergirl’s Survival Guide: Top 5 Masking Coping Strategies

Last week, for Week 5 of the #TaketheMaskOff Challenge, we talked about diagnosis, self-awareness and how that impacts masking. This week, the second to the last week of the challenge, we will be talking about strategies that can be used to to cope with masking. Most of these strategies came from all the lessons and experiences I’ve been through over the years, and in the end, it resulted in me being able to do something a person in the comments section here referred to as “authentic masking”.

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Understanding Aspies

Understanding Aspies: How Diagnosis & Self-Awareness Impact Masking

We are now in week five of the Take Off The Mask Challenge! Last time, we talked about Autistic Burnout and how it is caused by masking. This week, we will talk about how diagnosis and  self-awareness impacts masking. This topic actually does directly lead into next week’s topic, which is all about coping strategies and using them deliberately.

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Understanding Aspies: Autistic Burnout

As of this moment, we are now more than halfway through with the #TakeTheMaskOff Challenge as we are now in Week 4. So far, we have talked about masking, stimming, and how these affect one’s mental health. For this week’s post, we will take an even deeper dive and talk about burnout, how it is related to masking, and my own experiences of this.

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Understanding Aspies

Understanding Aspies: The Cost of Masking

As of the moment, we are currently in the third week of the #TakeTheMaskOff Challenge, and the experience of writing about masking and stimming has been quite liberating for me, and it is also interesting to see how far I’ve come from when I myself didn’t understand my own diagnosis and myself, and I hope that these posts, which talk about masking from my own personal point of view, will allow the readers to understand what we go through, and at the same time, I hope that others like me are encouraged to speak out and make their own voices heard. So far we have talked about masking and stimming. So, for the third week of the challenge, let’s take a look at the physical and mental cost that masking has on individuals with autism, my own personal experience of how exhausting it can be, and what coping strategies I use now in order to lessen the physical and mental exhaustion and stress.

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Understanding Aspies

Understanding Aspies: Stimming & Masking

This week’s blog posts are a little bit different, as I posted twice for this week. However, that was only because I had a little “social report” that went hand in hand with a very recent event, and you might see “social reports” like that every once in a while, but, as a rule, I’m sticking to  the current schedule of having one blog post per week.

Last time, I kicked off the #TakeTheMaskOff Challenge here on my blog, and talked a little bit about masking and my own experience of masking. This week (Week 2 of the challenge), we’ll be talking about stimming, how it’s related to masking, and my own experience of stimming.

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