The Aspergirl's Survival Guide

The Aspergirl’s Survival Guide: How To Cope with Anxiety Due to World Events

It has only been less than two months into both the new year (2020), and the new decade, but sometimes, if feels like several months have passed already because of all the distressing world related events that have seemingly been happening one after the other, whether it be a local or international concern.

All of this,  combined with the never ending stream of both helpful and harmful (fake news) information on social media might trigger what I like to call anxiety and panic due to world events. To be honest, all of this caused both my anxiety and OCD to go on hyperdrive, to the point that I had a pretty bad anxiety and panic attack during one work day and had to call my therapist in order to calm down again.  I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one feeling this way right now, so I thought  that it would be good to share some tips that I’ve been doing in order to help my anxiety levels go down.

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The Aspergirl's Survival Guide

The Aspergirl’s Survival Guide: How To Goal Set For the New Year (2020 Edition)

First off, Happy 2020, Dear readers! I hope that you all had great time during the holidays, and I hope that despite how physically and emotionally draining the holidays can sometimes be, that you had a great one and that you all took care of your mental health as well.
Everything’s been well with me, and I do apologize for being very absent from this blog, especially during the -Ber months, as those are the busiest and most stressful months of the year for me.
However, I do plan on still posting, especially as one of my New Year’s resolutions Is to post at least twice a month here, so keep watching this space!

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Aspergirl on the Job · The Aspergirl Reflects

The Aspergirl Reflects On….A Decade of Working

Time really does fly fast, although sometimes, it may not seem that it does. This was the thought that crossed my mind after realizing that it has been ten years since I graduated college, which means that I have been part of the work force for a decade now. Finding a job and having a career isn’t easy for anyone, and it is even harder for those who exist on the spectrum or on the higher end of the spectrum, like me. In fact, it took me ten long years to figure out what I really wanted to do as a career and it took me that long as well to create strategies and coping mechanisms to help me cope with the job and career I have now. So, in line with this, I decided to create the “Aspergirl on the Job” category, in which I will impart some tricks, tips and know hows, all the way from strategy tips to some advice on how to choose a career path or the right job for you; and the pros and cons of a freelance versus a full time job. However, before diving into that, I’d like to share my own little story with you, as I’ve gained a lot of experiences over the ten years I’ve been working, with the thirteen jobs I’ve had in my life so far, and the realizations that led me to where I am today.

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The Aspergirl's Survival Guide

The Aspergirl’s Survival Guide: How To Handle Change

Change, whether it be something as small as small as a change in plans or routines, or a major change, like entering a new job, is a constant in life, and we all have our own ways of coping with it. However, for people with Asperger’s Syndrome, change is something that doesn’t come as easy or as natural to us, even if it is as simple as a small change in schedule or routine, and can go as far as being something that can be upsetting to the point that it can trigger either a big or small meltdown.

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The Aspergirl's Survival Guide

The Aspergirl’s Survival Guide: How to Bounce Back to Routine (Vacation Edition)

Going on vacation- no matter what kind it is or how long it lasts for- is a great way to relax and unwind from the stresses of work and the routines of our lives, to discover new places, and to create new memories whether it be a solo vacation or with others. However, once the vacation or holiday is done, more often than not, we have a hard time adjusting back to the routines of everyday life and work, especially as we still have a “hangover” of sorts from our great holiday and wish we were back on holiday again. This is true for everybody, but I noticed that compared to others, my adjustment period takes a little bit longer, but it gets there eventually. So, I decided to list down my top five tips to help you bounce back into your regular routine after going on vacation.

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The Wandering Aspergirl

The Wandering Aspergirl: Seoul 2019

Unlike most, I have never been bitten by the wanderlust bug, maybe because as a family, it is not something that we do, until recently. It started last year, in which we ended up travelling to Northern Luzon thrice in a year- we went to Baguio twice (one in May, and that trip is detailed in this post; and one in December), and we had one impromptu road trip up north to Pangasinan.

However, late last year, we caught wind of a wonderful AirAsia seat sale, and we decided to travel as a family to Seoul, South Korea from June 20 to 23, 2019. This would also mark our second trip abroad as a whole family, as the last time we traveled was to Hong Kong, two years ago, and that time, we also had extended family with us, unlike this time.

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The Aspergirl Reviews

The Aspergirl Reviews: Clean with Passion For Now

The Aspergirl Reviews segment is finally back! In this segment of this blog, I will be taking a look at different kinds of media (books, tv shows & movies) that deal with mental health issues, and seeing if they handled it correctly or not. Aside from this, I’ll also be talking about how I felt about it, and how it affected me as well. And what better way to kick off this segment for this year than by starting it off with a Korean drama that surprised me in terms of its representation and its personal impact on me- JBTC’s “Clean with Passion For Now”.

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