What is the Asian Aspergirl?

The Asian Aspergirl is a blog written by an Asian Aspie, in the hopes to raise awareness about Asperger’s Syndrome in the Philippines and Asia, and in the hopes that she’ll be able to impart some helpful tips to others like herself. 

Who is the Asian Aspergirl?

A thirty year old female Asian named Kitin Miranda, who has a passion for storytelling, movies, tv shows, books and comics. She is a proud geek through and through. She also has another blog entitledThe Kat’s Cafe where she reviews movies, books and tv shows.

What to Expect In This Blog?

The Aspergirl’s Survival Guide- Handy dandy lists of tips and tricks that I have picked up through the years for various situations.

The Aspergirl Explains- This is where I will talk about and try my best to explain terms in layman’s terms, coupled with my own experiences of things such as meltdowns, sensory problems, etc.

The Aspergirl’s Reviews– This is where I will talk about various forms of media, and how it either helped me as a person, and if that particular piece does feature someone autistic, I will talk about how well or not it was portrayed or showcased.

The Social Aspergirl– This is where I will talk about my “social challenges”, in which I will recount the social challenges my therapist and I have for myself, or social situations that I found myself in, and relate how I was able to fare.

The Aspergirl Reflects On…..- This is where I reflect on certain topics, how it affected me, and the insights I gained from it.

The Aspergirl Diaries– Among the sections of this blog, this one will be the most free-flowing, in which I share my feelings and thoughts as I go throughout daily life.