The Aspergirl Diaries

The Aspergirl Diaries: March 2021

I can’t believe that the first quarter of the year is already over!

March was such a busy month that I ended up actually forgetting to actually take self-care days, and now, in April, I’m beginning to pay the price for that.

The biggest thing that happened for me in March is that I did a 21 Day Elimination Diet, in which I removed several foods, and began to slowly reintroduce them back into my system to see how my body would react. This was pretty emotional for me as I’m discovering things like I can’t eat beef, pork, soy, dairy, egg and tomatoes; but at the same time, I’m amazed that I can now eat things like salmon.

However, having no self-care, a new diet and a new lockdown didn’t help with my own mental and emotional health and I began to feel very unmotivated. I’m hoping that things will be better in April, and that I’ll start to find my footing as well in terms of finding more joy, and in my new diet.

Top Favorite Things In March 2021

1. Pentagon’s & Drippin’s Comebacks- I was looking forward to both of these comebacks, as Pentagon is one of my favorite groups and Drippin has been consistently been impressing me, even if they are a rookie group. I am very happy that Pentagon’s leader, Hui, was able to work on the album before he enlisted. To be honest, it was kind of weird to see them perform as seven, but they were able to do it well, so I’m very proud of them! I think Drippin’ is a great and pretty underrated rookie group but their music is always good!

2. Eating Out W/Family- In early March, I actually managed to eat out with my family in a nearby place that has a lot of al fresco dining. I did pretty well, and didn’t freak out at all, mostly because I was with family. However, the change of scenery and pace was also good for me. The second time around, we brought both of our dogs with us, and they were surprisingly very behaved!

3.Finishing 365: Repeat the Year (Kdrama)- I love watching shows with my sister, and this time, we watched a fun mystery time traveling kdrama called 365: Repeat the Year, mostly because we are following the career of the main actor in the drama. Although I’m not putting up a review of it on my other blog, it was very much a fun ride!

4. Home Easter Celebrations & Justice League- Holy Week was celebrated online again, and even though Easter was in early April, I just included it here. We had a quiet Easter Sunday celebration with just our family as that happened during the enhanced community quarantine that was placed on our city (once again). The highlight, however, was that we managed to sit down for four hours or more as a family and managed to actually finish watching the Snyder cut of Justice League, which we all agree was way better than the theatrical release.

5. Discovering SF9- I’ve actually been listening to SF9 for quite some time now, but never had the time to really get into them and watch their stuff. Just in time for Mnet’s survival show Kingdom, which they are also on, I was able to start getting into them, and I have no regrets at all!

Top Things I’m Looking Forward to in April 2021

1.Finding My New “Comfort” Foods- One of the most difficult things about undergoing a big dietary change (a healthier one, though!) is that I can’t really fall back on food as a reward; and my comfort foods are no longer that available for me, which has affected me a lot. I can’t wait, however, to find my new “comfort foods” again within the foods that I can eat now.

2. Rewatching 17 but 30 w/my sister- I’ve been wanting to get my sister to watch this gem of a kdrama, as it is one of my favorite kdramas in the past few years. However, this month, we’ll be able to start watching this and I cannot wait to rewatch it!

3. Mnet’s Kingdom- Ever since Road to Kingdom ended, I’ve been waiting for the sequel show, Kingdom, to air. Kingdom is a Korean survival show in which six boy groups will compete against each other. While I’m admittedly a bit stressed because I am a big fan of two of the groups on the show, and voting and streaming is becoming quite stressful; I am very much looking forward to getting to know the groups I don’t know much about, and I’m very much looking forward to their performances!

4. Opening a Kpop Trade Twitter Account- I decluttered and purged a few things from my collection, and decided to make a more systematic way of keeping track of all the things I am selling and trading. I can’t wait for that to go live!

5. Learning More About SF9- I ended March learning more about SF9 and I’ll keep on learning about these guys in April as well!

How was your March? Let me know in the comments below!

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