The Aspergirl Diaries

The Aspergirl Diaries: February 2021

February was a pretty busy month, but even though it was busy, I’m glad that I was able to take some time to recharge again via a home staycation that gave me a lot of clarity and insights into some things.

I had a little staycation towards the end of February as I still had some leaves left to consume and as it was a national public holiday in my country. It was a really fun staycation, as I got to do some things that I normally don’t get to do on a staycation. I was actually able to have fun in our pool with my two sisters, and we even had some chips and ramen afterwards!

Aside from this, I renewed my mindset in terms of language learning. My main goals have never really changed, but I felt like I was losing a bit of motivation and needed to remind myself of what I really want to accomplish in terms of learning Korean. So, for now, my main priority is reading and writing, which also includes grammar, but more specifically, reading. Listening comes second, and speaking the language is my last priority for now. With this, I can really see that I need to up my game in terms of vocabulary, and to try to review the grammar points I learned for the week by writing at least one sentence on my own using it.

I also decided not to pressure myself too much with launching The Asian Aspergirl YouTube channel. I really want to have a content bank of around two to three months before I officially launch it, so that’s what I’m doing now. I don’t want to get overwhelmed when I run out of ideas and content to post. Please be patient with me, but I do promise that it’ll be up by this year!

Lastly, I have resolved to have no work Sundays. Basically Sunday is a day in which I can do some socializing and just do nothing. I need at least one day off so that I can properly recharge myself and be ready for whatever the new week has to bring!

Top Favorite Things In February 2021

1. Kim Myung Soo’s Fanmeeting- I still can’t believe that Myung Soo is an enlisted marine, but I am so glad that I decided to get a ticket for his fanmeeting. It was a great way to send of one of my favorite Kpop boys off, while still learning more about him thanks to this fanmeeting. I loved all the performances he gave us, and he even granted fans’ wishes during the event. Serve well, Myung Soo! We will wait for you in August 2022!

2.Having a Good Self-Care Day-I had several attempts at having self-care days, but I’m glad that I was able to take a day off of work and had a great self-care day in which I really didn’t do much and capped it off with a nice soak in the bathtub we have at home.

3.Finishing the Kdrama 18 Again- 18 Again was such a gem of a drama and I can’t wait to put my review of this drama up on my other blog! I miss writing reviews, and I’m glad that I’m breaking my hiatus from writing dramas with this one! 

4. ONF Comeback & Golden Child’s “Breathe” Promotions-ONF finally came back with the music video “Beautiful Beautiful” and their first ever full length album! I’m so proud of my boys, and so happy that I was able to help contribute to them getting their very first music show win! Golden Child, on the other hand, decided to surprise everyone by dropping a music video to one of the songs on their album, “Breathe”, and what’s even better is that not only was it volleyball themed, but it seriously felt like a sports anime! They also promoted the song for two weeks!

5. Catching Up on Golden Child & ONF- Because of their comebacks, I decided that it was high time not only to follow their promotions real time, but to also catch up on content that I’ve missed out on recently from the group, and it was so much fun!

Top Things I’m Looking Forward to in March 2021

1.Starting Functional Medicine- One of my goals for the year was to start having consultations with a trusted doctor friend of ours to start functional medicine. The simplest way I can explain this and the way I understood it is that it first makes sure that you are eating the right food for you, and that food is medicine. It starts off with a twenty one day elimination diet in which you remove some allergens such as dairy, peanuts, soy, gluten, pork and beef. Afterwards, you start to slowly reintroduce food again and see how you react to it. I’ll also have to do a bunch of lab tests and when I have an appointment with our doctor, he’ll be able to tell me what health issues I need to address and how I can do it using food and supplements more instead of actual medicine. This works with me because I do have food allergies, and I’ve seen it work for my sickly sister.

2. Watching 365: Repeat the Year w/my Sister- I love watching Kdramas with my sister and this one has been on my watch list for a while now because of the lead actor and the whole time travel thriller plot is very much me!

3. Starting Golf- I’ve been waiting for this since the year started, and it looks like my sister and I will finally start it this month! It’ll actually be really nice to go out even if it’s for a while.

4. No Work Sundays- One of the things that I realized is that I really have to have Sundays off- this means no work, no blogging, and NO FILMING. I can’t believe that I have come to this. I started trying to do this last Sunday, and I was amazed at how hard it was for me to actually stop myself from doing things like filming during Sundays. However, I know that I need Sundays off so that I can really enter into the new work week refreshed and recharged.

5. Lots of Sudying- I’m always constantly learning, but this month will be particularly heavy on it. First off, I have to attend this one week training course for work with an exam that will see me feeling like I’m back in college as the sessions are from 8AM-5PM for an entire week. Secondly, after I do this, I’ll be kicking off my work studies as soon as I take the exam for that. Thirdly, I’m still studying Korean as I have been for the past years, but this time, with a better and renewed mindset!

How was your January? What lessons did you learn in January that you will bring to the rest of the year? What are you looking forward to in February? Let me know in the comments below!

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