The Aspergirl Diaries

The Aspergirl Diaries: Community Quarantine Week 38

I honestly can’t believe that its Christmas season already. It seems weird since we are all cooped up at home, but you can definitely feel that there’s a change in the air already.

Personally, I love Christmas. It’s my favorite season of the year, especially as it is also my birthday month. However, it is also usually the most stressful season what with year end reports, client giveaways, Christmas shopping, and an increase in socialization with meeting up with friends and family. This year’s going to be different due to the current situation, and I also wonder if it’ll cause more or less stress for me. I guess I’ll just continue to make sure that I have enough self-care and rest during the holidays, regardless of everything.

The past week also included a major milestone for me, as I’m finally done with my final requirement for this seven month Coursera capstone course I have been taking. As soon as I submit my written paper on Monday, all I need to do is wait for my grade. I’m kind of nervous, but I know that I did try my very best for it, so here’s hoping that I get a good grade.

The Aspergirl’s Favorite Things for Week 37(aka the things that kept her sane)

1. Finishing My Capstone Paper- Thankfully, I wasn’t as stressed about this as I thought I would be, and I was able to have good pacing when it came to writing and fixing it. I ended up writing most of the harder parts on Saturday, so I’m glad that I was able to actually do all my chores on Friday so I could concentrate on it on Saturday. I didn’t expect to spend thirty minutes fixing the format though!

2. Marketing Insighting- Another thing that my department was able to do was to come up with key insights and learnings based on a survey we put out. These key learnings will definitely be able to come up with better ideas for our marketing campaigns and innovations in 2021!

3. The Boyz’s 3rd Anniversary + Cupsleeve Event- I can’t believe that the kpop groups that debuted in 2017 are all three years old now! Also, it’s now been more than a year since I became a fan of The Boyz. I found them sometime last year, but only started watching their stuff sometime in March, around the time when most of the people in my household had to go into self-isolation. March, May and April were pretty tough for me, and watching The Boyz content really helped me get through all of that. I also did a stay at home cupsleeve event to celebrate their anniversary!

4. Kai’s Solo Album- I am so glad that Kai got the chance to make his solo debut this year! His mini album was great! All the songs were very him, and I’m glad that he now has a chance to also showcase his unique vocals and his own style, aside from dancing.

5.  Xiumin and Hoya Getting Discharged from the Military- Hoya is one of my biases in Infinite, and I can’t believe that he’s finally been discharged! I can’t wait to see what new things and content he’ll be serving up next year! I’m also so happy that EXO’s Xiumin back. To be honest, I got into EXO during the whole military enlistment period of the group, and I became a fan while Xiumin was away, so I can’t wait to monitor his activities now that he’s back. 

What the Aspergirl is Looking Forward to Week 38

1. Pentagon’s Online Concert- This one was supposed to happen last Nov. 29, but the members had to go into self-quarantine because two of the members came into contact with COVD positive individuals. So, the concert was pushed back to December 13, and one good thing is that leader Hui’s enlistment got postponed, which means that he’ll also be able to participate in the concert, hopefully, before he enlists. The members are all safe and healthy, which, of course, is what’s important here.

2. Discovering More Kpop-Around this time last year, I discovered EXO, who is now one of my sem-ults. I think its going to be a thing, that every December, I’ll get into a new Kpop group, or want to discover new music again. I made a list of Kpop groups that I haven’t listened to yet, so I’m so excited to get started on it, and I’m also excited to see which groups I’ll be stanning next.

3. Onewe’s Single Album- This one came as a surprise. Fans knew that band Onewe was going to release something as they kept on hinting on a comeback, but what I didn’t expect was that it would be an actual physical album! I can’t wait!

4. Decorating Our Room for Christmas- We still haven’t started decorating yet, and probably will get started on this next weekend, but at least we know what to do, and we already have the materials we need with us!

5. Working on Year End & 2021 Plans for Asian Aspergirl- I’m really excited for 2021 as I do have a lot of plans for this blog. I’ve been hinting at it months ago, but I’m only starting to get enough time to sit down and work on it now. However, if there’s one thing, look forward to more consistent and interesting content in this space next year!

How is your December going so far?


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