The Aspergirl Diaries

The Aspergirl Diaries: Community Quarantine Week 37

Can you believe that November is actually ending, and that we’re only one month away from ending 2020?

Next week is going to be a crazy one for me as I’m entering my final week for the capstone course I’m taking on Coursera, which means that I’ll be doing a lot of writing. In fact, since its a national public holiday on Monday, I’ll be spending it trying to work on as much as I can for the capstone. So, I’m beginning to list down things that will help keep me sane throughout the week. I also told my family in advance, because I know that my emotions might be all over the place as well.

Last week, the family celebrated my Dad’s birthday, which also fell on Thanksgiving Day (for those in the US). However, we kind of forgot about it as we don’t live in the US, and because my Dad’s birthday was more important. It was fun as we dressed up as different versions of him-Dad in Business Formal, Dad in a Zoom meeting, etc. He found the concept really funny, and we did have a wonderful feast of Korean food!

The Aspergirl’s Favorite Things for Week 36(aka the things that kept her sane)

1. The Boyz’s Stealer House- I had a feeling that The Boyz’s Stealer House thing was going to only last for two episodes, and I was right. However, it was just the right length, as it was pretty much one long mafia game. What was amazing was the fact that I wasn’t able to guess who the mafias were, and was pleasantly surprised by the end result!

2. The Boyz’s Mafia Games- Of course, after watching Stealer House, I proceeded to watch two of their past mafia games, which are all comedy gold!

3. Pentagon’s Weekly Podcast-This one is definitely going to be a mainstay in my lists until they actually air the last episode. For this episode, they discussed their ideas of what they wanted to have as content for the podcast. Each member gave a suggestion, and in the end, only four out of eight ideas were chosen! Looking forward to what they’ll be doing next week!

4. Golden Child and Jangstar- I was missing Golden Child pretty bad yesterday, so I ended up watching their Halloween video in which they played a game that was just so funny I couldn’t help but laugh out loud despite the late hour I was watching it at! Of course, that made me start watching some other Golden Child videos, and eventually led me to watch several hilarious episodes of Golden Child member Jang Jun’s variety show-Jangstar!

5.  Celebrating Dad’s Bday w/Thanksgiving- I think we really outdid ourselves this year in celebrating our Dad’s birthday. As mentioned above, he had a good laugh at us dressing up as different versions of him! The food, as usual, was great, as we got it from one of our favorite Korean restaurants near us.

What the Aspergirl is Looking Forward to Week 37

1. Finishing my capstone Coursera course- This one is pretty much a double edged sword for me, because I know that I’ll be struggling with balancing work and finishing this paper but by the time I’m done with it by this weekend, I’ll be done with this seven course long Coursera course that I took this year!

2. Pentagon’s Weekly Podcast-Again, this will be a mainstay until the last episode airs! They just released the ideas that were chosen to be done, and I’m excited to see how everything will go. I’m also expecting the debate one to get pretty NOISY as they usually are noisy.

3. Kai’s Solo Debut- I can’t believe that Kai will finally be making his solo debut! I’m so excited for this album as the songs sound good, and it’s a very good opportunity for him to really shine on his own!

4. Decorating Our Room for Christmas- My sister and I will be decorating our room with Christmas decorations, but it won’t be the traditional kind! As we both are allergic to dust, we’ll be making mostly paper ornaments, and our tree will probably be the wall type. I’m excited though, as I really LOVE decorating any space for Christmas.

5. Working on Marketing Insighting- Finally, my little department will be starting to work more on this little project that will help us really map out our plans for next year! I can’t wait!

What are you looking forward to as the last month of the year begins?

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