The Aspergirl Diaries

The Aspergirl Diaries: Community Quarantine Week 36

I honestly can’t believe that Christmas is coming soon, and the year, especially the work year, is starting to wrap up, which makes me start to wonder on how much progress I made throughout this year. Speaking of progress, I did make some progress communicating some much needed things to my family, and I’m glad that they were very receptive about it.

Over the years, I’ve always felt that my meltdowns were something that I had to deal with myself, and I could only rely only on one of my sisters when those moments happen. However, after an insightful therapy session I had this week, we were able to formulate what I needed to communicate to my family when it comes to those moments. So, that night, I was able to clearly tell them about my protocols and how they can help me, such as, if I’m not listening and can’t be calmed down at the moment, to gently yet firmly bring me to my room, and give me my punching bag and my neck pillow so I can ride that wave of emotion. 

I’ve always felt like I was the one that needed to adjust to them, and at a certain point, I have gotten a little bit tired of it, of the fact that it seems like some family members would never truly understand or try to meet me halfway. However, this year, I think its gotten a bit better as they’ve also been more receptive when I communicate those things to them, and communicating how they can help me when I have a meltdown was a big step forward indeed, or at least I think it is. 

In any case, I also had to remind myself that the best way I can be productive in my work is if I only have two major tasks for the day, something I hadn’t been doing in the first two weeks of November, which made me a bit overwhelmed, as it became too much for me to handle.

The Aspergirl’s Favorite Things for Week 35(aka the things that kept her sane) 

1. Kim Sunggyu’s Online Concert- I definitely started the week right by watching the concert of Kim Sunggyu (from Infinite)! I’ve been wanting to watch a concert of his for quite some time, and I’m glad that I got an opportunity to do so, although it was in the form of an online concert. Inspirits are so happy because now that three of them have been discharged, there are more Infinite things to look forward to as compared to the past year. Many were very concerned though, as Sunggyu kept on coughing, but he did great, and he even sang his new song for us! Also, Infinite members Dong Woo and Sungyeol made a guest appearance and almost made it a Dongwoo and Sungyeol talk show!  

2. Making a Bracelet – I picked up beading as a new hobby, and one of the things that I was able to do was to successfully make one beaded bracelet! I’m going to try to find time every week to do at least one or two mini beading projects, including repairing old bracelets whose nylon strings have gotten broken. 

3. Filming a Photocard Collection + Kpop Collection Rules Video- It took me two tries, but I managed to finally film my photocard collection video that also contains my new Kpop Collection Rules for myself. It was such a relief to do so, because I was able to also change some mindsets which was stopping me from enjoying certain Kpop groups in the past few weeks.

4. Developing an Interesting Video Idea-In the past, I talked about a new blog series I wanted to develop for this blog, and now I’m starting to develop ideas for possible videos as well, starting with a small series of videos that I do want to put out leading up to my upcoming birthday next month. I’m pretty excited about it, so let’s see what’ll happen with it.  

5.  Pentagon’s Weekly Podcast- Pentagon has decided to be the gift that keeps on giving as, in collaboration with DIVE Studios, Pentagon now has a ten episode weekly podcast, and we are only in episode 2! So far, the first two episodes have been fun, and enlightening in a way. 

What the Aspergirl is Looking Forward to Week 36

1. Pentagon’s Online Concert- I’m so excited for this concert! Pentagon is a group that I’d definitely want to watch live one day, and probably one of the groups whose concert, hands down, I’d love to attend over and over again. I know that this upcoming concert will be amazing. I’m just sad that I don’t have a Pentagon lightstick yet; and I know that this will be a very emotional concert as this is the last concert before their leader, Hui, enlists on December 3. 

2. Watching The Boyz’s Stealer House- It’s funny that I was thinking of catching up on The Boyz’s stuff, and then they dropped this last week. I have no idea how long this series will last though, but that first episode was so much fun, and the preview for episode 2 is making me look forward to watching more! Basically, it’s an extended mafia game in which they have to figure out who the two planted mafias are, but all the members have actual characters and is a parody of the Korean dating reality show, Heart Signal. So they do have to pretend that they don’t know each other at all, and it’s just so much fun! It’ll be a blast for us, the audience, to try to figure out who the mafias are as well. 

3. Pentagon’s Weekly Podcast- As I mentioned earlier, Pentagon currently has a ten episode podcast, and this week will be the third episode. I love that I’m able to look forward to something Pentagon related like this, and the best part is that I don’t know what kind of content to expect from them every week!

4. Working Developing My Video Idea- I mentioned earlier that I’m developing a video idea for this blog, and since I need to start filming this soon, I’m looking forward to develop this idea further this week, if I can.

How do you communicate your needs with your family or with those around you? What are you looking forward to in the coming week? Let me know in the comments below!

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