The Aspergirl Diaries

The Aspergirl Diaries: Community Quarantine Week 34

Last week was a stressful one for me as last week was my first week truly back doing my online course, and the coursework this time around is really heavy, as I do have submissions every week. To top it off, things are getting pretty hectic at work, what with the year beginning to wrap up, and we need to start planning already for next year. As I was so busy, I wasn’t able to feel very balanced as I would push back the things that I know make me feel less insane during insanely hectic times like this. I won’t do that next time!

As mentioned earlier, last week was pretty crazy for me, which also caused me to be less mindful of my own emotions, and I had such a hard time controlling them. I had a pretty bad break down, and a more violent one towards myself, which I am not very happy about as well. I think that part of why it was that bad was because I was personalizing all the little things that I felt were failures on my part; and the fact that I wasn’t really balancing it out by decompressing more with things that I liked. A lot of things felt like a never ending checklist of things that I still had to do, whether it be for work, chores, and even for my hobbies.
So, I am very much looking forward to the two day staycation that I’ll be taking this coming Thursday and Friday. A part of me doesn’t really want to because there’s so much to do at work, but at the same time, I know that I need it pretty badly.
The Aspergirl’s Favorite Things for Week 33(aka the things that kept her sane)
1. Making a Gfriend Twitter Theory Post- This took a lot of time to do-in fact, I revised my theory around four times before I deemed it worthy to be published on Twitter. I’m proud of myself for doing it as it was the very first time I ever attempted to do such a thing, and I’m excited to see whether my theories are on the right track, and whatever I’ll need to revise in the future.
2. Pentagon’s 20Million Views YouTube Live – Usually, when a Kpop artist has pledges they come up with to do if they reach a particular milestone. For Pentagon, they pledged that they would do several fun things if their music video Daisy, reached 20 Million views. That happened, so they had an almost two hour long YouTube Live in which they dressed up as movie characters, took 100 polaroids, Shinwon did 100 chin ups, three of the members read the first chapter of Harry Potter in english and had a quiz on it, and they ate a lot of good food together. As it is Pentagon, it was pretty chaotic and fun.
3. Catching up on Kpop Debuts & Comebacks- Finally, after putting it off for some time, I finally got to listen and catch up listening to some October comebacks and debuts, namely P1Harmony, WEi, Drippin,Cravity, and Verivery.
4. Monsta X’s Comeback- Even though Fantasia was technically my first comeback with Monsta X, Fatal Love, with the title track Love Killa, was my first full comeback with them in the sense that I even watched their comeback VLive. Love Killa is such a bop! It definitely gave me Dramarama vibes, just like what Minhyuk said. I still have to listen to the entire album, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to love it!
5.  Finally Unboxing my Pentagon WE:TH albums- I actually have a total of nine Pentagon WE:TH albums coming my way, but I finally unboxed the first four that’s already with me. This album is really a special one for me, and I loved all my pulls and the photobooks themselves! Can’t wait to see if I’ll actually be able to pull a good variety of random inclusions from all my albums, especially the random things of my biases.
What the Aspergirl is Looking Forward to Week 34
1. Kpop Comebacks-Gfriend is coming back on November 9 with their third full album, with the title track Mago. I’m really excited to see if my theory lines up with what’ll happen in Mago, and based on the teasers themselves, it sounds like it’ll be a fun one, as the genre of the song is disco. Also, I’m excited to hear the unit songs!
2. Kim Sunggyu’s Concert- I think that Infinite’s Kim Sunggyu is a really talented vocalist, and I have always wanted to attend one of his concerts. Thankfully, I’ll be attending his online concert this coming November 15! I’m so excited, and I’m even more excited to see if he’ll drop any hints on when exactly his solo album will be dropping.
3. Two Day Staycation- I knew that I would be having to take a break sometime in November, so I’m quite excited for my upcoming staycation. I’ll probably have to have one short work meeting during that time, but I’ll be trying harder to quite literally do nothing, as I really need this time to relax and recharge.
4. Pentagon’s New Reality Show- I’m so excited for this one! Pentagon hasn’t had a reality show in while, but even if its just three episodes long, I’m pretty sure that it’ll be healing and restful for both us and them, as the concept is camping in the forest.
5. Gaining a New Hobby – So, I have a new hobby-beading/jewelry making. This was bound to happen given that everyone in Kpop is doing it now, but I also wanted to be able to get into a hobby or a craft in which I could make things for people to give as gifts this Christmas.
What made you feel sane this week?

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