The Aspergirl Diaries

The Aspergirl Diaries: Community Quarantine Week 33

Last week felt like a strange week, as I’m used to being stressed during the week of Halloween, as I used to be in charge of events in the office. I did have a little bit of stress with a video that I had to compile for the cosplay competition, and because I was a bit overwhelmed with the Digital Marketing Capstone I’m currently taking on Coursera. I could have probably handled myself better emotionally, but wasn’t able to as the week just felt off to me.

The office’s virtual Halloween party was one of the best office related events that I ever attended, mostly because it was virtual, and as I wasn’t the one who was organizing it. We all played Among Us (apparently, being the imposter is fun), and I showed them the compilation video of the cosplay entries that were sent in so that they could be properly judged. We also had some food allowance for the event, and I ended up re-using an old costume that I made for Asia Pop Comic Con years ago. It also slightly made me miss cosplaying a bit as well.
This coming week is the official start of November, and I really can’t believe that this year is almost over. The next month for me will mostly be about me studying, as my Digital Marketing Capstone is six weeks long, and I’ll have a lot of thinking and writing to do, as each week, we’ll be submitting around two short papers that will ultimately help us come up with a digital marketing plan for a case study. Aside from this, I’m going to be a bit more stricter about learning Korean this month.
The Aspergirl’s Favorite Things for Week 32(aka the things that kept her sane)
1. Office Virtual Halloween Party- This was one of the best office events ever, aside from the office Christmas parties we had before! As mentioned earlier, I dressed up in a costume, got myself some Pomegranate Tea from Starbucks with the food allowance, had fun playing Among Us with everyone, and had fun checking out the cosplay costumes of the employees that sent in their video entries! It was a fun yet chill event!
2. CIX’s Comeback- Finally, after around four months of waiting, CIX finally came back with Jungle and their 3rd Mini Album, Hello, Strange Time, and boy what a comeback it was! Jungle was definitely worth the wait and the hype, and their stage performances are nothing short of wonderful. Each track is good to, but I think that my favorites aside from Jungle are Switch It Up and Rebel.
3. Kpop Debuts- There were two interesting debuts last week- Woollim debuted a new boy group called Drippin, with the title track Nostalgia; and FNC Entertainment debuted new dance boy group P1Harmony. Drippin is really good, and is definitely up to Woollim standard. I’m a bit shocked at how much Cha Junho looks like Infinite’s L/Kim Myung Soo, but their debut stages and their album is really solid, as expected from a Woollim boy group. Their album gives me a lot of Infinite vibes, but they also give of the vibe like if Infinite and Golden Child had a baby, it would be Drippin. I won’t be collecting them yet, as I’ll wait for at least one to two comebacks to make my decision, but I really think I’ll end up collecting them. I haven’t heard P1Harmony’s album yet, but I really did enjoy their debut song, Siren. Can’t wait to see what they have to offer!
4. Younha X Epik High Concert- Younha and Epik High were among the first few Kpop artists I actually listened to more than ten years ago when I was starting to listen to Kpop. Although it was only an hour long, I loved hearing Younha’s beautiful voice, and this was the first time I was able to Epik High live, even though it wasn’t a physical concert. It was short but sweet, and worth my money as what they did was innovative- instead of having an actual set, there were only a few things in the room that were physically real, and the rest was CGI, and the CGI wasn’t too bad looking or clunky either, so I think it was fair all around. Also, I don’t think any of these artists will ever set foot in my country, so I decided to take the chance to watch them virtually while I still can! 
5. Infinite’s Sungyeol Getting Discharged from the Military – October 27 was a historic day for me. Not only did CIX finally comeback, but Infinite’s Sungyeol was officially discharged from his mandatory military service!  Infinite is my ultimate Kpop group, and I did patiently wait for Sungyeol as I did witness him enlisting last year. I’m so glad though, that he’s back, and seeing him bicker with Sunggyu reminded me of when they were all active. Dongwoo’s getting discharged on November 15, so we’ll be three out of six done with Infinite’s military enlistments, and I can’t wait!
What the Aspergirl is Looking Forward to Week 33
1. Kpop Comebacks-There are two Kpop comebacks I’m looking forward to this week, and they both dropped today. Monsta X made their comeback with their third full album and with the title track Love Killa, which was nothing short of amazing. Even though Fantasia was my first comeback with them, Love Killa marks my actual REAL first comeback with them after becoming a full fledged Monbebe. I love AB6IX’s music a lot, and their new song, Salute was great as well. I can’t wait to watch these groups perform on stage, and I cannot wait to listen to both of their albums in full!
2. Coursera Digital Marketing Capstone Course- My Coursera Digital Marketing Capstone course started last week, and I was in for a surprise. The capstone project is six weeks long, and it really requires me to really sit down, think, and write, as the end result is a comprehensive digital marketing plan for a case study involving two real life brands. It’s actually really interesting, but it will be very time consuming. 
3. Being Stricter in Learning Korean- November will really be a month dedicated to learning things, as I do plan to be stricter in terms of learning Korean this month. I managed to lay out a workable schedule for it, that will also give me a lot of time for my capstone course, and I’ll be doing both grammar and reading this time around.
4. Making a Kpop Music Theory Thread on Twitter- I really do love thinking of theories behind the storylines of Kpop music videos that I know have a storyline that connects all the music videos, but this will be my first time to actually make one and put it up on my Twitter account. I’m excited for it though, and I definitely have to put that up this week before that group that I’m making a theory for comes back on November 9!
5. Filming a Journalling Video- If the weather permits (it is really bad typhoon season now), I’ll be able to film a journal video this week. I’m excited about this one as its a non-speaking video, and it will be the start of me actually journalling and scrapbooking again.
How was your Halloween! What are you looking forward to doing in November?

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