The Aspergirl Diaries

The Aspergirl Diaries: Community Quarantine Week 32

I didn’t know that October would fly by this fast. I didn’t expect that at all. It only felt like yesterday that I was writing down my October goals, and now, lo and behold, its the end of October already!

I didn’t feel it until today, but apparently, I’m really tired. Maybe it’s because of the rainy weather, or the fact that I’ve been doing a lot these past two weeks. Exercise has been good, but doing it two days in a row really tired me out, that, combined with the work event last Saturday, really got me tired. I also feel bad that I haven’t been that great at streaming and voting for my Kpop groups this week because I was pretty tired. But, I think that its okay to take things slow and easy from time to time.
I’m also going to have a mini staycation soon, which I think is definitely needed before the last two months of the year, which are usually the busiest ones for me, hit.
Recently though, I’ve been noticing that there are certain Kpop groups that I turn to when I feel down- my comfort groups. I’m glad that I realized that so I can immediately watch one of their videos when I feel down.
I also tried to enter a video fansign event for the Kpop group Pentagon, but didn’t get in. I felt a little down, but I know that  I can always try again next time!
The Aspergirl’s Favorite Things for Week 31(aka the things that kept her sane)
1. Kpop Comebacks-  The biggest Kpop comeback for me last week was Seventeen’s Home Run from their new special album Semicolon. Seventeen never fails to impress, and they didn’t disappoint with this one! I love that the song is from the retro swing genre, and that a lot of those who don’t usually get to shine in their MVs took center stage in this MV. Also, I absolutely love their stage performances, as it is very Broadway-like!
2. Pentagon’s 1st Music Show Win- After four whole years, Pentagon FINALLY got their very first win on a music show! I am both very proud of Pentagon and Universe (their fandom), as we really worked hard to give this win to them by streaming the music video and voting on the respective apps for particular shows. They really deserve it, and I’m just so glad we could give them this present during their debut anniversary month, and especially since leader Hui will be enlisting on December 3. Their song, Daisy, is just soo good!
3. Hosting a Successful Online Work Event- The marketing department hosted its last big event of the year, and everything went about smoothly, which I’m so grateful for!
4. Monitoring Golden Child, Seventeen, Pentagon Promotions- The problem with being a multi-fandom Kpop fan is that there’s A LOT of content when your groups make a comeback, and there is even MORE content when a couple of your favorite groups make a comeback ALL AT THE SAME TIME. So, for the time being, I’m only concentrating on these three when it comes to monitoring their stage performances and guest appearances in shows. It’s not that I don’t love the other groups, it’s that I kind of have to prioritize my time as well.
5. Lots of Infinite news – Infinite is an older group, and as some are doing their military enlistment, it has been pretty quiet on that front. However, it looks like there are lots of things to look forward to now as a fan of Infinite’s as leader Sunggyu has announced his online concert in November (comeback still yet to be announced), Sungyeol will be back in less than two days, and Dongwoo is now on furlough. This just means that before December, we probably might be able to have four members out of six interact before Myung Soo/L enlists!
What the Aspergirl is Looking Forward to Week 32
1. Kpop Comebacks-The biggest Kpop comeback I’m looking forward to next week is CIX’s Jungle, which is the title track in their album “Hello, Strange Time”. We’ve been waiting for this comeback for months, and now that Bae Jinyoung has recovered from his injury, we can finally see them perform again!
2. Company Halloween Party- As Halloween is coming up, we will be having an online Halloween party at work. I’ve never attended an online party before, so I am definitely looking forward to it, and I’m also looking forward to the costumes that they’ll be wearing! 
3. Epik High’s Concert- Epik High is a 2nd Generation Kpop group that is more of a hip hop and rap group, and was the very first group I ever got into more than a decade ago. So when they announced that they’ll be having an online concert, I immediately knew that I wanted to attend it, as this would probably be the one of the only chances I’d ever have to watch any of their concerts!
4.Kpop Debuts- To be honest, I’m just really eyeing FNC’s new boy group, P1Harmony; and of course, Woollim’s new boy group, Drippin’. So far, their album previews sound good to me, although I think I’ll end up liking Drippin’ more. Let’s see though!
5. Continuing to Film New Videos- I had hoped to have been able to finish filming my non-speaking collection video this weekend, but I got busy, and the weather decided to not cooperate with me at all. So, will be putting that on hold for a while, but will hope to be able to film my Kpop journal video this week.

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