The Aspergirl Diaries

The Aspergirl Diaries: Community Quarantine Week 28

Interestingly enough, this weekend has been one of the more “social” weekends I’ve had, which is saying something as weekends like that don’t happen often for me.

Like last week, I feel that my emotions for the first half of the week were very different from the last half of the week, which, also, happened last week. It kind of makes sense though, as I had to deal with the results of the phishing incident earlier this week, which brought about a lot of emotions as well. However, the latter half of the week, especially the weekend, were way better.
I also had a good talk to my therapist this week about my meltdowns and my concern that I’ve been self harming more than usual when those moments happen. However, we were able to identify those instances come hand in hand with intense emotions of guilt and shame, and we figured out a solution for it as well- I really, really need to buy an actual punching bag. The idea is that I’ll be able to “punch” those emotions away, and at the same time, sort of get some exercise in as well. Now, the hard part is trying to figure out how that and the wall bracket will fit in my room.
I’m also trying to be better at deliberately finding moments of fun for myself during the week, although, sometimes, it’s hard to do, especially when the weather is burning hot and your tired from everything you have to do. However, it’s a good active challenge that I really should do for myself, because if not, I’m afraid that I’ll be such a cranky person, given that I’m already stuck at home.
The Aspergirl’s Favorite Things for Week 27 (aka the things that kept her sane)
1. The Boyz’s Comeback- I was excited about The Boyz’s comeback, and got even more excited after seeing the teasers and watching their performance of one of the new songs, Whiplash, during their concert last week, and it didn’t disappoint at all! The Stealer is slick and powerful, and allowed them to have some intense, acrobatic choreography to go with a solid song. The music video was great, the entire mini album is a bop, and their performances have been nothing short of amazing. I’m so proud of how far they’ve come, and as a fan, am working hard to get them that well deserved second win! (Everglow came back as well with 80s inspired dance track LaDiDa which is amazing as well!)
2. Pentagon Variety Lab Ep. #6.1- I was surprised when Pentagon dropped an episode of this little series of theirs with English subs, and I’m so happy that I decided to watch it right there and then as it was pretty epic and hilarious. Cube Entertainment doesn’t usually drop English subs right away, so I was really surprised that they did for this one. The premise of this one was that they basically had eight days to prepare a performance that will be evaluated by the other members, but the catch is that they have to do something different from their usual. So far, four members have performed. Kino went for a more powerful kind of dance that he usually doesn’t do, Hui went for a comedic song, Yuto debuted a rap that he’d been working on and rapped in his native language (Japanese). However, the one that took the cake was Hongseok, a lead vocalist, decided to rap Eminem’s Lose Yourself completely in English! He messed up in the last part, but blew everyone away with his showmanship, complete with tank top and money gun! It was, in a word, awesome. Can’t wait for the second part, and I can’t wait to see who wins that trophy to become “KingEmperorMajesty” Singer of Pentagon!
3. Successfully Hosting a Webinar at Work- This was a big deal as this was the first ever webinar that we did under a new sub-brand. It was initially slated for August, but I’m glad that we moved it to September 23. Quite a number of people attended, and tech-wise, everything went smoothly, making it a resounding success.
4. Attending a High School Alumnae Kdrama Themed Event- To be honest, I normally don’t like attending events that are hosted by the alumni association of my high school as I’m not really fond of attending such events, but as my sister was going to attend in on Zoom, and as it was Kdrama themed, she encouraged me to attend, and I’m actually glad that I did! It was refreshing to hear these older ladies talk academically about why Kdramas work on us, and to top it off, I managed to be one of the winners of the trivia game (which also meant that I won a prize as well!)
5. Hanging Out w/Some Friends Online – Apparently, I managed to have a little bit of a social life what with attending that Kdrama themed event, and hung out with some close friends online. It’s been a long time since we’ve met up, so it was nice to see and catch up with them.
What the Aspergirl is Looking Forward to Week 28
1. Watching the Stranger Kdrama w/my sister- As the second season of Stranger is ongoing, my sister and I have been watching the first season before we delve into the second season. For me, it’s an interesting watch as this is my second time watching the first season. I’m really glad that I am rewatching it as I’m noticing some things that I didn’t notice before, and I’m appreciating characters that I wasn’t fond of during my first watch of it as well.
2. Filming Face Videos- I keep on saying that I’ll film face videos and then I never do it, but mostly because the schedule doesn’t allow it. However, I do need to bite that proverbial bullet and get around to doing it for real, and I really hope that nothing comes up next week that will stop me from doing so.
3. Developing a Podcast for Work- Podcasting has been something I’ve been interested in as a content creator, and now, I’ll get to actually explore and develop a podcast for a sub brand for work. This week will be all about experimentation, but I know that it’ll be very fun, although there will be that initial learning curve stretch to get over.
4. Pentagon Variety Lab Ep 6.2 – Because the first part of this episode was English subbed, I’m pretty sure that the second part will be subbed as well. There are still a few more members of the group who haven’t performed yet, and, of course, I’m very excited to see who will win that trophy!
5. Following The Boyz’s Comeback Schedule- When my favorite groups come back, I don’t usually get to follow their schedules, but since I do want them to get their second win, I’ve been very religious at following their schedules. I think that it’s a bit easier for them as their promotions aren’t at the same time as my other groups. However, once October comes, I don’t know how much I’ll be able to keep up with all my groups’ schedules as it seems like EVERYONE is coming back in October!
Have you been able to deliberately find moments of fun lately? Let me know in the comments below!

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