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The Aspergirl Diaries: Community Quarantine Week 26

Last week I actually went on a staycation, which, I think came at the perfect timing because of the whirlwind of happenings and emotions that happened right before the staycation happened and right after it.

I was really excited about last week as I knew that it would be capped off by two great concerts, but I was not ready for the events that happened before and after the concerts and my staycation. The week got itself started with a situation that I will keep vague except that it kind of shook the Kpop community a bit for a few days, especially in the younger generation (groups that debuted 2016 onwards). There was a lot of shock, disappointment and anger going around; and it got more confusing because of fake news and stuff that started to overshadow the main problem. That lasted around two days or so. And then after the staycation, I had to deal with the fact that I got scammed. I had no idea that these things do take an emotional toll on you, making you feel a bit shamed that you got duped, and of course, there was a bit of anger about it as well. (We are dealing with the situation though.)
The staycation, however, was great. I got to relax, even though I did stuff like trade photocards and package them all day on the first day. I also did get to watch a concert/fanmeeting DVD that I’ve been wanting to watch for a while; and the two concerts I attended over the weekend were nothing short of awesome.
I also realized that I’m usually so caught up in the tasks that I have to do, and moving on to the next task, that I end up forgetting how to find those pockets of time where I can either have fun or just relax. I think a tell-tale sign of that is when I end up mindlessly scrolling on social media instead of actively doing something that I know will help relax me.
The Aspergirl’s Favorite Things for Week 25 (aka the things that kept her sane)
1. Attending Onewe’s Online Concert- I had two concerts to attend over the weekend, and Onewe’s was the first, as it happened on Saturday night. It’s no secret that I have a huge soft spot for bands, and Onewe is currently the band that I actively stan more and buy albums for. They’ve done little concerts here and there, but this one was different as it was their very first actual and full concert. It is sad that they weren’t able to perform in front of a live audience, but the fanchants that were recorded really touched them, and they really went all out! Each member had a solo stage on different sets, they performed their newest song, and did stuff that fans have been asking for-whether it be a cover of a song to the fact that they also had a mini cooking show and LieV as well! It was great seeing their brother group, Oneus, perform as a special guest as well. I’m so proud of them, as they’ve come a long way in five years- from busking in the streets, to debuting as MAS0094, and now having the RBW Entertainment. Also, it was more than three hours long!
2. Attending Golden Child’s Online Concert- When they announced that they would be having an online concert, I immediately decided that I was going to attend it, and it was definitely worth every minute! They put on a great two hour show, in which they performed a good mix of old and new songs, and songs that many have been wanting to see performed on a stage. I absolutely loved how they opened with I Love You Crazy, and performed She’s My Girl. I actually submitted my voice for the fanchants for Genie, and it came out well However, my favorite performance has to be them performing their song trilogy-Wannabe, Without You, and One (Lucid Dream), not only because of the epic dance breaks, but because of the masterful rearrangement of the songs, and how smoothly it transitioned into each song. The boys got teary eyed at the end, as they did miss us, the fans, but they also surprised us (well, I kind of knew that it was going to happen), with the announcement of their comeback on October 7!
3. My Staycation-For the first time in six months, I actually gave myself a breather and allowed myself to take a two day staycation which meant no work and minimal chores. It was great, because I was able to enjoy and relax. I did some yoga, did a bunch of photocard trading and packaging, and I watched Infinite’s 3rd Fanmeeting DVD, which made me miss them even more, but it was nothing short of amazing! I deliberately scheduled my vacation last Thursday and Friday as I knew I would be having back to back concerts during the weekend, so it would just feel like an extension of the staycation.
4. Watching Infinite’s 3rd Fanmeeting DVD- Both Wonho and Lovelyz had comebacks last week, and they both released great songs! I haven’t heard the full albums yet, just their title tracks. Wonho’s pre-release song Losing You was just beautiful, and his title track, Open Mind is such a bop! I’m just so proud that he really managed to re-debut again as a soloist and I can’t wait to hear the full album! Lovelyz changed up their concept to a darker more mature one, and it really suited the girls a lot! Obliviate sounds like their version of Golden Child’s Wannabe, and I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of the album as well.
5.Wonho’s Debut Album – One of the best things ever is how Wonho really defied expectations and debuted again, this time, as a soloist. Wonho’s been through a lot, what with deciding to leave Monsta X so that they wouldn’t be hurt by the false allegations against him last year, and now, he came back strong with an amazing debut album. I’ve talked about how much I loved his pre-release song Losing You, and the rest of his album is soo good! Congrats to Wonho!
What the Aspergirl is Looking Forward to Week 26
1. Attending The Boyz’s First Ever Concert- Yes, I know, I’m attending ANOTHER online concert this weekend. The Boyz were supposed to have an actual concert earlier in February, but it got cancelled because of the virus. So, in a way, even though I know the energy is really different when you perform in front of a live audience, I’m slightly glad that it also does give more people a chance to watch them, and I’m pretty sure they gained more fans because of Road to Kingdom. The Boyz never fails to impress me, and I’m pretty sure that this concert will be nothing short of amazing.
2. Listening to Stray Kids’ Repackaged Album- Yes, these boys don’t seem to rest at all, as they are back with a repack to their very first album. The album has already dropped, I’ve seen the new music video, and it’s really amazing! It sounds soo good! They also added a total of SEVEN new songs, with three of them being unit songs that I do believe they performed during their last concert. As much as I would have loved to see those stages performed live, I’m glad that they added them here. 
3. Unboxing My Seventeen An Ode Albums- I went through a lot to get these albums, and although they are unsealed albums, it came with complete inclusions and I’m very happy that I finally have a complete set of these albums. I should have actually gotten the entire thing when it first came out, but at that time, I thought that buying five at the same time was unreasonable. I don’t think so now, because it is a little bit of a hassle getting them slowly while saving up for other group’s comebacks as well. Can’t wait to really unbox them though!
4. Watching More Pentagon Related Videos – I’m still learning a lot about Pentagon, and it’s going to be this way for a while, but I don’t mind at all, especially as they are my fifth favorite group.
5. Unboxing EXO’s Exodus (Xiumin member cover)- Okay, here’s the thing. I keep on saying that EXO isn’t in my top ten, but whenever I see an older EXO album for sale (sealed or unsealed, preferably sealed of course), and it’s a member specific cover, and if I see any of my EXO biases (actually mostly Xiumin), I just buy it. Also, I just learned that the way they did this album is that you only get the pictures of the specific member, and I’m just so happy about it as he is my main bias in EXO! Can’t wait to unbox it!
How do you try to actively try to find areas of fun and relaxation in your daily lives?

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