The Aspergirl Diaries

The Aspergirl Diaries: Community Quarantine Week 23

I am not sure if I’ve ever mentioned it before, but ever since I was a kid, I’ve moved more than ten times; and at one point, we moved thrice within the same village. So, it’s no surprise that over the weekend, we decided to do a little rearranging and actually moved into different rooms, within our house. What nobody tells you though, is the fact that moving out of a room and into a new room is just as exhausting as moving houses.

It still amazes me that I’m no stranger to moving, yet moving rooms inside our own house was exhausting, mostly because we didn’t have anyone to help us and we did everything ourselves- we moved dressing tables, a headboard, tables, beds, and the like. And we are still not yet done moving! In fact, the third floor corridor (where most of the bedrooms are) is still in complete disarray, and our living room looks like it was turned into a temporary storage room.

However, in the process of moving, I was also able to declutter a lot of things, which is a good thing. I’ve decluttered before, which means that I know have less bags than I had before, but apparently, I had a lot of stuff on my dressing table that I really didn’t need, so actually figuring out what to do with those things will be a whole process in itself. However, I’m very happy that my sister and I managed to fix and clean our new room (it was formerly the master’s bedroom but it was also our room at a certain point) to a point where we were satisfied with it by Sunday, so that we could get on with our work week without feeling as if our room is still messy and not ready to be lived in.

One thing that I do have to get used to is that our new work tables are not as big as our previous work tables, and I couldn’t move in my little drawer of supplies into the room as there was no space for them, but I’m pretty sure I’ll get used to it soon.

The Aspergirl’s Favorite Things for Week 22 (aka the things that kept her sane)
1. Oneus’ Comeback- Just like ONF, this was Oneus’ first comeback since appearing on the show Road to Kingdom, and I was really excited for it- and yes, it didn’t disappoint at all! I loved the mini album, and in particular, I really loved the song “Dizzy”, which was composed by members Seoho and Ravn, and Onewe’s CyA. I was surprised that they didn’t have a comeback showcase for it, and I don’t think they even had  media showcase for it, but I kind of like that instead of that, they did  VLive Rooftop party thing instead. Basically, they talked about the title track “To Be or Not To Be” and b-side “Dizzy”, which they performed along with other past songs. They also played games, recommended music to us fans and made something called a “croffle”. In a way, it was more intimate and less formal, and they were more comfortable too!
2. Watching A Lot of Monsta X content- I was right to put Monsta X in my Top 5 ultimate kpop groups, and spending time watching their VLives from 2015 and their reality show “Monsta X RIGHT NOW!” really allowed me to get to know them a little bit more. Plus, seeing them do really funny/crazy missions in Hong Kong and in Macao was so much fun to watch!
3. Organizing my Kpop Shelf- I’ve been wondering how I’ll be storing my rapidly growing collection in a nice yet efficient way, and I kind of found an answer to it with the move. There is  cabinet in our room that used to be the linen closet and still is for the time being, that can be used to store other things. So, for the moment, I emptied out two out of four shelves and I was able to put the albums and DVDs there. What’s even better is the fact that the shelves are wide, so I can also store my signed albums on stands inside the closet.
4. Fixing My Closet- When I declutter my closet, it’s usually when I’ve gotten fed up of how messy my closet is. But with this move, I was surprised to discover that all my clothes, plus my bags and books actually fit inside my new closet well! I’m hoping that it stays as neat as it is now.
5. Listening to Pentagon’s Discography- Because I am attending Pentagon’s online fanmeeting on September 6, I’ve just been listening to Pentagon non-stop. Their discography is really solid and they have really beautiful songs that touch my heart. I really did miss listening to them, so I’m happy that I’m revisiting their entire discography again.
What the Aspergirl is Looking Forward to Week 23
1. Seventeen’s 2020 Online Fanmeeting (Caratland)- Everyone’s been doing online fanmeetings, fansigns and concerts, and while I’ll probably never do the fansign, I have gone to one concert- Monsta X’s From Seoul with Luv, and it was a blast! However, when Seventeen announced that they would be doing an online version of their annual fanmeeting, Caratland, I immediately just knew that I was going to attend it. Normally, you can’t attend it if you aren’t physically there, so I decided to take this opportunity to attend it because who knows when I’d actually be able to attend Caratland in person. I’m really looking forward to it, especially as it’s this coming Sunday!
2. Finishing My Analysis Reports for Work- Yes, I’m still working on my reports for work, but it’s the portion that I’ve been really looking forward to-the analysis and strategy part! I’m learning new things about what our marketing campaigns have done and how they’ve been benefitting us, and I can’t wait to make more concrete plans for our department! 
3. Filming a Kpop Shelf Video- As mentioned earlier, I was able to fix and organize my Kpop shelf,so, I’m really looking forward to actually film a Kpop shelf collection video for my channel, not just for that, but it is also a way to document my current collection and how I’m storing them, as I’m pretty sure that it’ll change as my collection continues to grow.
4. Learning More About Pentagon- Pentagon is my fifth ultimate Kpop group, and in preparation for attending their online fanmeeting on Sept. 6, I’m starting to get to know the Pentagon members better. I have been in love with this group since last year, but wasn’t able to ever get into them fully by watching their shows and VLives, so I decided that it was high time for me to do so. I’ve started watching their VLives and their first ever reality show, and I’m loving them so far!
5. Watching A New Drama W/My Sister- Because we were both so busy, my sister and I haven’t really been able to watch dramas together. However, we have both decided to get back into the groove again, s we do need it as a form of relaxation after a day’s worth of work and chores. This time, we are watching the first season of Stranger/Forest of Secrets, as the second season just recently started airing. She’s enjoying it  lot, and it’s  good refresher for me as it’s been more than a year since I last saw the first season.
How was your weekend? What are you looking forward to doing this week? Let me know in the comments below!

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