The Aspergirl Diaries

The Aspergirl Diaries: Community Quarantine Week 22

I think I put a little bit too much pressure on myself this week towards the end of the week as compared to the previous weeks due to the fact that there were some work goals I wanted to accomplish that I was really worried about not being able to complete, which caused me a lot of stress last Thursday and Friday. Despite the work stress and some emotional outbursts during the week, this week has been a lot better as compared to recent weeks.

In last week’s post, I talked about filling up my own personal “love tank”, and how it started with me having fun at Monsta X’s online concert on August 9. That continued onto the very next day, August 10, as ONF made their first comeback after joining the reality show “Road to Kingdom” in the first half of the year. I watched their showcase, and am currently voting for them on music shows so that they can finally get their first win, and I’ve managed to be updated on their promotional activities as well. I’ll also be watching Oneus’ comeback showcase this coming Wednesday, and I’m very much looking forward to attending my very first Seventeen fanmeeting, as they made this year’s fanmeeting an online one.
I did have one emotional outburst this week, but I’m kind of proud of the fact that after my initial cry, I was able to actually articulate and process the reasons of why I was feeling that way at the moment. It used to take me some time to be able to process things like this, but now, as seen here, there are many times when I can process things after the initial reaction.
The Aspergirl’s Favorite Things for Week 21 (aka the things that kept her sane)
1. ONF’s Comeback- I am so proud of my boys! Their new mini album is strong and good, and it’s the first time that their album sales were this high! Their title song, Sukhumvit Swimming, is fun and catchy, even though it took some time for me to warm up to it as I got used to the more intense We Must Love and WHY. I’m also so proud of the fact that MK and Wyatt had a hand in all of the songs as well. I’m really hoping for a first win for them as they deserve to finally get one!
2. Better Sleeping Habits- One of the things that I wanted to work on were my sleeping habits and my night routine, and I’m finally getting somewhere with it. I’m able to actually take a bath at 10PM and be in bed before 11PM, which gives me some time to wind down more before drifting off to sleep. Also, I’ve been waking up at around 6AM when it isn’t the first few days of my time of the month.
3.CIX Updating A LOT- CIX really has wormed themselves into my top ten groups list, but I really don’t mind it at all. I’ve been loving all of the little gifts they’ve been giving us fans lately such as their VLives, song covers, interactions within their Vlives etc. However, one of the best things ever is the fact that Bae Jinyoung is back in the dorm, and he is slowly rejoining their practice sessions. Their comeback was delayed as Jinyoung got injured while practicing for it, but more than hearing the news that he’s starting to practice cautiously is the fact that we are getting more VLives with Jinyoung interactions! In particular, youngest member Hyunsuk’s most recent VLive had Jinyoung as a special guest later on, and them just interacting, laughing, making hearts with their hands with each other for the fans is just precious.
4. Rewatching Seventeen’s 5th Anniversary Special w/Explanations- This week, I noticed that whenever I was down I tried looking for fun Seventeen videos, and one of them was this. Their 5th Anniversary special video in May was downright hilarious, but what made this watch even better was the fact that I found a video that had this and gave explanations for ALL the inside jokes that was in it. I knew some of the inside jokes, but this explained things a lot better, which made it even more enjoyable to watch! Seventeen is really home for me!
5. Learning More About Monsta X- I spent a lot of this week watching Monsta X VLives, and catching up on their older reality shows. I’m loving learning more about this new group that is part of my Top 5 Kpop group lineup. These seven boys (yes, Monsta X is SEVEN forever), are just so precious, funny, and so talented. I’m glad that I decided to give Monsta X a chance, and I know now that there is no turning back, but I don’t mind it at all!
What the Aspergirl is Looking Forward to Week 22
1. Oneus’ Comeback- For some reason, I thought that Oneus’ comeback was on the 14th, but it turns out that their comeback is on the 19th, so I’m glad about that as I’ll be able to watch their showcase this week! Oneus’ music is so great, and I’m so excited for this comeback, because, just like ONF, it’ll be their first comeback after their stint on “Road to Kingdom”. Oneus is a very interesting group as every member is an all rounder, and they can swap parts flawlessly. Plus, I love this whole fantasy universe they are building, and I’m just so proud of how well my 2019 rookies (Oneus and Verivery) are doing.
2. Working on Analysis Reports for Work- I actually finished encoding the data that I needed to encode last week, so now I’m excited to actually get into the analysis and strategy part of my really big marketing report. And this time, I’ll have more data to back it up that’s clean and not messy anymore. 
3. Filming a “Face” Video for the First Time- So far, I’ve only been shooting videos in which just my hands are seen, as I’m not yet comfortable with that, but just as an experiment, I’ll be trying to film a video in which my face will be seen this week. I’m excited and nervous about it, even if I don’t know if I’ll post it yet. I know that it’ll take some time and practice before I’m comfortable with it, but I’m also seeing it as a way for me to actively work to gain more self-confidence, so I’m excited to see how it’ll go.
4. Getting Back Into the Groove of Studying- Over the past month, because of everything that happened, I haven’t really had time to study. However, as I’ve settled into my new routine, it is finally time to incorporate studying into the mix, even though it’s just thrice a week and thirty minutes each for my work studies and my language studies. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to accomplish it at least twice this week, and if I do manage to do it thrice, then that would be amazing.
5. Relaxing More & Planning My Staycation- This coming Friday is a public holiday, and even though I still have chores and work, I do hope to take a little bit more easier on that day, so that I can relax a little. I’m also going to be planning my staycation, which I think I’ll make three days instead of two. Even though I know it’ll mostly be me sleeping and watching stuff, I think I’d like to plan little relaxing activities beforehand, like having a “spa night” in which I actually put on a facial mask, etc. I won’t be having the vacation until September, but I’m really looking forward to it already!
Was last week stressful for you? Are there any new and fun things that might happen this week? Have you taken some time off to just breath and pamper yourself lately? Let me know in the comments below!

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