The Aspergirl Diaries

The Aspergirl Diaries: Community Quarantine Week 21

This week went more smoothly than I thought it would, ad I think that it was mostly because I was able to get better quality sleep, and I was able to adjust well to another new schedule. Another thing was that I did make sure that I really had things that I was able to really look forward to at the end of the week, which, in a way, did keep me going.

Recently, I realized that I have been neglecting both my own self-care and because of that, my own little “love tank”, hasn’t really been full. It’s been full with work and chores, and although I am resting better as compared to before, that component was still missing, and I could feel it as I am starting to feel a little bit burnt out.
So, over the past week, I decided that it’s high time that I take an actual vacation, something that I haven’t done since March. For this, I’m planning on taking two days off of work and chores to just rest, relax and unwind at home. Aside from this, I also decided to attend online events to give me something else to look forward to for the month, and the timing couldn’t have been any more perfect, as I did attend my first event of the month last Sunday- I watched Monsta X’s online concert last Sunday! I’ll also be attending a few more Kpop related online events this month, and I can’t wait! (I think I also might have one already for September as well!)
I think that attending events like these will help break the monotony of things, as it does look like that we really will be in quarantine mode until the end of the year.
The Aspergirl’s Favorite Things for Week 20 (aka the things that kept her sane)
1. Monsta X’s Live From Seoul, With Luv- I’m a fairly new fan of Monsta X’s, but at the same time I was really excited for this concert as this would be my first online concert since Golden Child streamed their concert on YouTube earlier this year; and as this would mark my very first concert for Monsta X. I really wish I could see them live one day as they are amazing, and it is no surprise at all that I was right in putting them high up in my ultimate groups list. Also, as mentioned earlier, I’ve lined up several online events for me to attend so I have something to look forward to while we are still in quarantine and no big events can happen this year.
2. Better Sleeping Habits- One of the things that I wanted to work on were my sleeping habits and my night routine, and I’m finally getting somewhere with it. I’m able to actually take a bath at 10PM and be in bed before 11PM, which gives me some time to wind down more before drifting off to sleep. Also, I’ve been waking up at around 6AM when it isn’t the first few days of my time of the month.
3.Finally Starting my 2PM Collection- I have my ultimate Kpop groups, and there are groups that I consider as legends. These are the groups that I consider as legendary, as they are iconic, and they have a special place in my heart. Such is the case for 2PM, which was the Kpop group that pulled me back into Kpop two years ago. I’ve been thinking about collecting 2PM and Junho’s albums since last year (especially as Junho is one of my Kpop male ultimates), and I’m finally going to go ahead and start this collection. I’ve ordered two albums two kick start this, and I’m just so excited for this collection to grow!
4. Adjusting Well to A New Change in Schedule- This week, I also had to re-adjust my schedule as our exercise schedule changed a little bit again. I gave myself a few minutes to freak out and then started thinking about it afterwards. This schedule change meant exchanging some of my chores days with another one instead, but based on how it went this week, it’s working out well.
5. Reorganizing My Kpop Shelf- I’ve been a bit worried about my Kpop shelves as they have become a little bit more full recently, and was wondering how I was going to make space for more incoming albums. However, last weekend, I ended up rearranging some things, such as putting my lightsticks in my dressing room instead, and moving extra copies of albums and some albums and DVDs from Jpop groups into my closet, I was surprised to find out that I still had a little more space to work with that I didn’t think was there before!
What the Aspergirl is Looking Forward to Week 21
1. Kpop Comebacks- I’m so excited for this week’s comebacks, starting with ONF’s comeback today, followed by Oneus’ comeback on the 14th. These comebacks will also be their first comebacks after being part of the competition show Road to Kingdom earlier this year. ONF is one of my top ten ultimate Kpop groups, so I’m so excited as to what they have to offer and I’m excited to see them perform at the fan showcase as well. Oneus has consistently proven themselves to be more than a rookie, and the teasers got me excited about the storyline they are going for as well.
2.Working on Work Reports- It seems like I’m always working on work reports, but this time around, I’m excited to actually start doing more of the analysis part as I’ve been doing more of the data encoding lately.
3. Checking Fancafe & Weverse Every Night- I  haven’t really been studying Korean lately due to my full schedule and chores, but I’m going to try and read what my favorite groups post on their official fancafes (Fancafe for CIX;Weverse for Seventeen and Gfriend; and Pocketdols for Golden Child, Oneus and Onewe) in Korean first before I hit the translate button to practice my reading and pronunciation.
4. Working on Some Photocard Trades- I’ve been procrastinating on this, as I do have quite a lot of photocards that I need to start putting up for trade and sale again, especially as I did open complete sets of albums in the past few weeks. I’m really hoping that I can find more trades than sales though, this time around.
5. Being More in Control of my Expenses- Last month, we were given half of our 13th month pay, which also meant that I did go a little crazy when it came to buying Kpop photocards and albums, but I also did set aside some money for savings and all. However, I decided that I really have to get a grip on my finances, so I don’t go too overboard, which also means that I now have to be very deliberate with what I buy during the month. I did this by actually making a table of my recurring monthly bills and the stuff such as money allocated for savings, etc. It does feel good, though, to regain a sense of control over it.
Do you also attend online events? What measures do you take for your own self-care? Let me know in the comments below!

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