The Aspergirl Diaries

The Aspergirl Diaries: Community Quarantine Week 13

This week was a pretty big week for me, and I have no idea how I survived it. The biggest thing that happened was that I can finally now talk about the project that I have been hinting at for some weeks now- I launched my own YouTube channel for my other blog, The Kat’s Cafe! Aside from this, it has been a week of learning and gaining new insights about myself as well. For the entire week, I think that aside from work and chores, I worked on editing the first few videos that I put out on YouTube, as I didn’t just want to put out just one for the launch. My channel is a natural extension of my The Kat’s Cafe blog, and is the home for all my other Kpop related stuff- more specifically my Kpop collective hauls, unboxings, organizing photocard videos, journal with me videos, etc, are. Launching this is a big step for me as a content creator, and I hope that one day I’ll be able to create a channel or a section dedicated to this blog as well.

Anyway, if you are interested in Kpop, check out my YouTube channel, and I hope that you will enjoy what you see there.

I also learned some interesting insights about myself this week, particularly on my triggers on what upsets me. Getting down to the root of those things helps because next time I’m in the same situation, when I’m sorting out my feelings on my own, I can link it to those insights and from there understand why I felt that way faster than before.

It has been fifteen days since the General Community Quarantine started here in Manila, but I still haven’t gone out of the house yet, but hopefully, one day, when the cases start going down,I hope that I’ll be able to gradually get used to going again. But for now, I’m staying put in my village.

The Aspergirl’s Favorite Things for Week 13 (aka the things that keep her sane)

1.Launching my YouTube Channel For My Other Blog- I have been wanting to do something like this for quite some time now, but I never had the courage to do so, mostly because I didn’t know what exactly to put in it. Thankfully, because my chosen topic is a pretty big hobby of mine, I won’t run out of ideas easily!

2. Figuring Out My Creative Projects-  Aside from creating videos for my blog, I was also able to figure out some ideas for my other creative projects which involve creating videos for work; fun Kpop scrapbooking/journal ideas I want to try out in my journal; and figuring out how my photocard binders will look like, especially in the pages where I really need to put fillers in.

3. Gaining More Insights About Myself- As mentioned earlier, I learned more about some of the triggers that cause me to become upset about things more often than not. Being more aware about yourself and these things only help you to become a better person in the future.

4. Learning More About CIX-  I am taking my sweet time in learning about these talented boys, and learning more about them is really getting me more excited about their comeback on June 30.

5. Celebrating Infinite’s 10th Anniversary- This year was a special year for the Kpop group Infinite as they celebrated their 10th Anniversary! I can’t believe that they’ve been around for a decade now. I celebrated the day by watching a VLive Eating Show broadcast featuring Infinite members Sunggyu and L/Myung Soo. This was also pretty special as this is the first Infinite broadcast that L has done after leaving Infinite’s entertainment agency. (He’s still part of the group though.) More power to Infinite, and I, as an Inspirit, will be waiting for all of you when you all finish your military enlistment duties!

What the Aspergirl is Looking Forward to Week 14

1.The Road to Kingdom Final- Even though I don’t like Mnet’s editing, I have been watching this show every week to support the groups that I stan. This is also the very first Korean survival show that I pretty much watched every week. Thank goodness that it is on VIU, and that it’s English subbed! I’m excited for the final on the 18th as all the new songs sound so good, and because it will be live streamed and international fans will really be able to vote leading up to the broadcast.

2. Kpop Comebacks-June is full of Kpop comebacks, and for next week, I’m really looking forward to Stray Kids’ first full album which will drop on June 17. On the same day, Cravity will be dropping a new album as well. I really liked their debut, so I’m quite curious as to what they’ll be giving us with this comeback.

3. Filming More Videos for my YouTube Channel- I’ll still continue filming throughout the week, but I’m also looking forward to filming different kinds of videos such as the journal with me and the organizing photocards with me videos as those are different from the unboxing videos which I’m starting to get a hang of.

4. Working on Videos for Work- Now that I know what to do in terms of very basic video editing and as now able to play around more with the video editor I use, I can now concentrate on creating the short videos I need to make for work. It’ll be exciting as these videos will be different from the ones I’m doing on my channel.

5. Writing Drama Reviews Again- After Road to Kingdom ends, I’ll really be able to get back to writing drama reviews again, and I’m pretty excited for it as well. I’m also excited as to what new dramas I’ll be watching next.

How was your week? What are you looking forward to this week?  Let me know in the comments below!

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