The Aspergirl Diaries

The Aspergirl Diaries: Community Quarantine Week 10

At this point in time, most of the city is gearing back to shift into the modified enhanced community quarantine, but things don’t feel that clear yet. Funnily enough, the weather seems to be mirroring this confusion as there are moments when it is still very hot, followed by downpours of rain. However, I’m glad that the rain does bring some cool weather when it does. Aside from that, my week was pretty hectic, and will be so until next Tuesday mostly due to work, so I can’t wait until I can relax a little bit more in the latter half of the week.

Last week I said that I really wanted to work on my sleep schedule. I really did try my best, but external circumstances kind of prevented that from actually happening. I usually get a little bit of asthma when the weather changes, so I think I’ve been reacting to that, which also caused me to have some difficulty breathing during the night, something that’s not really new for me as I do kind of have mild COPD. Then towards the latter half of the week, my anxiety also got the better of me because of work, which resulted in me really having trouble falling asleep no matter what trick I tried to do. However, I am planning on buying a wedge pillow/orthopedic pillow for myself online this week, so let’s see if that would help.

Aside from this, I’ve noticed that my neck usually hurts in the afternoon while working, which also made me realize that my current work from home set up isn’t great ergonomically speaking. In order to alleviate this, I’m hoping to get myself a laptop elevating stand and an extra keyboard sometime in the coming week. Hopefully that will help.

I’ve been pretty stressed and tired this week, which caused me to be pretty emotional as well.

A lot has been going on at work and with my blogs, to the point that my daily schedule is pretty jam packed. Last Thursday, I made the mistake of trying to do everything I put down on my to do list for that day without considering if it would be effective for me. That day made me realize that I actually need around a ten minute break in between tasks so that I get rid of any “hangover” I had from the previous task and to be able to get into the mindset of the next task.

Hopefully, I can take all these learnings and really apply them this week.

The Aspergirl’s Favorite Things for Week 10 (aka the things that keep her sane) 

1.Hosting A Webinar For the First Time (for work)- Last Saturday, my department hosted our very first webinar for work. We are no strangers in creating and hosting events, but this was our first time to actually do a webinar online. To be honest, I had a hard time figuring out Zoom, even though I did watch a Zoom training video on it. But, I did have fun live tweeting the event, and I’m glad that the turnout was great.

2.NCT 127’s Repackaged Album-  I was very much looking forward to this, and I’m glad I wasn’t disappointed in it at all! I really liked “Punch”, as it’s more my style as compared to their other songs. However, I did prefer “Non-Stop” more, and I absolutely loved “Make Your Day” as it was a nice, simple, but beautiful ballad.

3. Reconnecting With College Friends- I’ve been making an effort to reconnect with friends, but it has always been just one on one. So, I’m glad that my college friends and I managed to schedule a group call with all of us. It was really nice to see their faces, and it was nice to catch up and see how they are doing now, especially as one of my friends isn’t based in the Philippines anymore.

4. My Studies – Aside from my Digital Marketing Course and studying Korean, I have added two more short courses to my schedule, all of which I do need to take right now. It’s a bit stressful as I do need to find a good balance between my homework for my studies, work, chores and blogging, but it’s a good kind of stress as I know that all these skills will really help me in the future.

5. The Relaunch of Our Company Website- My department has been working on the relaunch of our company website for some time now, and we finally wrapped up most of it in the past week, so all that’s really left is the relaunch itself. I’m both nervous and excited, but I’m very happy that the end of this project is finally in sight.

What the Aspergirl is Looking Forward to Next Week

1. Celebrating Seventeen’s 5th Year Anniversary- May 26 will be a very exciting day for me. Not only is it Seventeen’s 5th Year Anniversary, but Onewe and Monsta X will be making comebacks on the same day as well. Going back to the main topic, this is very meaningful for me as this is the first time I’ll be celebrating Seventeen’s debut anniversary as a Carat (the name of their fandom), and it also means that I’ve been a Carat for more than a year already! I’m so glad I made the decision to stan them, especially as they are currently my fourth favorite Kpop group and are currently the only male Kpop group in my top five list that are currently active (meaning that they are promoting as a whole group, and no one has enlisted in the military yet).

2. Onewe’s & Monsta X’s Comebacks – I have been waiting for Onewe to drop a physical album since late last year, so I’m naturally really excited for this, even though it falls on Seventeen’s 5th Year Anniversary and Monsta X’s comeback. The boys look so good in the teasers, the new song sounds like it’ll be a fun song fit for summer, and they spoiled us so much in terms of album inclusions as they are giving us content from all three of their past digital singles! I can’t wait! I’m also really excited for Monsta X’s comeback. I’ve recently just gotten into them and I’m a relatively new fan, but I know that this group is special, and is currently my top fifth favorite Kpop group. I’m considering this as my first Monsta X comeback as a fan, and although I wish I had stanned them earlier, I’m glad that I got to know them before their leader, Shownu, enlisted in the militry.

3. The Relaunch of Our Company Website-  Yes, this was one of my favorite things last week, and I am very much looking forward to its relaunch on May 26. (I said that May 26 would be a very exciting day, didn’t I?) Stress aside, I’m looking forward to its performance and the analytics we will get in reports moving forward.

4. Sleeping Better- Now that I know what exactly gave me difficulties in sleeping early, I’m hoping to take those learnings and applying them so that I’ll be able to sleep better this week. I’m also hoping that my stress gets lesser and the weather will behave a little bit more as well in order to help me achieve that goal.

5. Getting Myself Some “Essential” Things- As mentioned earlier, there are definitely some things that I really need to get, in order to help me sleep better, and have less neck pain- that orthopedic/wedge pillow,  a laptop stand and a keyboard. I’m hoping that these will arrive either next week or the week after next, but these will definitely help me a lot.

How was your week? What has working or studying from home taught you?  Let me know in the comments below!

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