The Aspergirl Diaries

The Aspergirl Diaries: Community Quarantine Week 2

After the first week in quarantine, I thought that I pretty much had things under control as I already had a nice time blocked schedule in place, and I had goals that I wanted to achieve by the time the quarantine ended. However, life seems to have a way of throwing overwhelming curve balls which keeps you on your toes and makes you run on pure adrenaline for a while. However, it does end up giving you life lessons and timely reminders; and the hope that a certain point, it won’t be as overwhelming as you thought it was before.

The week started out well, and I was really looking forward to getting a lot of things done. It was pretty productive in a sense, as we were able to sort of figure out where would be getting things such as groceries that aren’t urgent, and dog food, as we have two dogs in the house. Of course, we weren’t surprised at all to see that all their slots are fully booked, and we just hope that a slot will open up soon. However, it was nice to see neighbors in villages, like ours, are actually getting together online as a community, and we were also able to buy some things, such as meat, eggs, and bread, within our village instead of having to go out too much for them.

Unfortunately, some circumstances came up that forced me to step up my game, and until now, I’m pretty much the head of household, as I am the eldest child in the family. It was pretty overwhelming in a sense, as I am managing a household of ten people (we have three household staff). So for the entire week, I was trying to handle the household,  cooking all the meals, handling deliveries of groceries and trying to squeeze in some work all at the same time without getting sick or completely losing it. To top it all off, my rooming situation is a bit different, as I have to room with some of my other siblings, and I had to move my home office space to a different location. All of this made me feel a little bit lost as my normal routine was disrupted, and I didn’t really feel that I had my own actual “safe space” to just relax and wind down in, which, I think, affected my emotional management a lot.

Now, as we enter the third week into the quarantine, I realized that I should have relied on my other siblings more. I felt like a lot of protocols and systems needed to be put in place and prototyped first before I could actually start delegating to them, but doing this all by myself with the household staff really tired and stressed me out. Now, thankfully, we were able to figure out a better system which allows for better task delegation among my siblings. This gives me a chance to actually be able to focus a bit more on work and that gives me time for some downtime everyday, self-care, and hobbies, all of which I feel that I need in order to have a good balanced schedule.

Also, it taught me that we, as a family, naturally eat a lot, especially if the food is good.

As we enter the third week of the quarantine, I’m glad that I have a more positive mindset, and although this week may throw curveballs at me again, I think I’m a little bit more ready to take them in stride as compared to last week.

The Aspergirl’s Favorite Things for Week 2 (aka the things that keep her sane) 

1.Doterra Essential Oils– My sister introduced essential oils and this particular brand to me last year. Since then, she has been giving me be blends that she made that she found useful, and ever since then, I’ve been using them. Recently, I’ve been diffusing some blends that do really help, and I think I’ll keep on using them as needed.

2. Technology-  One of the things that I love about technology is the way that it connects and brings people together, and its especially helpful now. Aside from FaceTime. Facebook Messenger and having access to streaming services to watch tv shows, movies and Kdramas, I particularly am loving the whole idea of Netflix Party, something that I tried out and really liked last week.

3.A Live Streamed Kpop Concert- A two year old Kpop group that I really like had their first ever concert in January, and I was pretty surprised when their agency announced that they would be livestreaming the concert on their official YouTube channel. Not only this, they also put out behind the scene clips subbed in English as well! I’ve watched older concerts on my laptop before, but having a more recent concert be available like this for us was definitely a treat, and I wonder if other groups might do this as we have no idea when the virus situation will end.

4.Kpop Comebacks-  Rookie group Oneus released a single album, with the title track “A Song Written Easily” last March 24, along with a music video. The MV was gorgeous, as it was shot in New Zealand, and the song didn’t disappoint at all! Stray Kids, on the other hand, celebrated their 2nd year anniversary last March 25 with a mixtape and a music video which played out liked a Kdrama, which allowed the members to act a bit, which was interesting.

5. Trusted Household Staff- I probably wouldn’t have been able to survive the past week without our trusted household staff who helped me, especially when it came to cooking and preparing the meals. Without them, I probably would have spent around an entire day just cooking, and wouldn’t have been able to concentrate on the other household management tasks I needed to accomplish last week.

What the Aspergirl is Looking Forward to Next Week

1.A Household System w/ Better Task Delegations- As I’ve figured out things, I am more than happy to finally take a step back and implement the new systems that are in place in our household. Also, delegating tasks to my siblings helps lighten my load a bit and gives me time to be able to finally do the other things I need to do as well. Also, it’s not really healthy for me to carry the entire household on my shoulders.

2.Kpop Comebacks- I think that Kpop comebacks will always be part of this and the list above, because Kpop generally makes me happy. Today, EXO’s leader, Suho, dropped his first solo album and a music video as well, so I’m looking forward to watching and listening to his songs. Aside from this, the brother group of Oneus, the band Onewe, is dropping another album on April 2, and the title track song will also feature Hwasa from Mamamoo, a group from the same label they are from. I’ve been waiting for a Onewe comeback for a long time, and I’m even more excited as I think they’ll finally be dropping their first album (FINALLY!) in May!

3. Work- I feel like I really haven’t been able to concentrate on work lately, and I’m glad that this week, I’ll finally be able to get back into the groove again. It’s weird, but I really like having work and work related stress, maybe because it’s something that is more easily managed as compared to the unexpected curveballs that life gives us.

4. A Better Balanced Out Schedule-  Being able to delegate tasks better allows me to have a better balanced out schedule and less stress. This will help me as well with my own emotional self-management.

5. Working on my Stamp Collection- One of the hobbies that I really wanted to work on during the quarantine is my stamp collection. I used to collect stamps, and I’ve always had no time to actually sit down, sort them out, put them in my stamp album and catalog them. Now, however, I have some time to actually do that, and I’m hoping to make a lot of progress before the quarantine ends.

How was your second week in quarantine? What did you do? What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them? What were your favorite things last week and what are you looking forward to this week? Let me know in the comments below!


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