The Aspergirl's Survival Guide

The Aspergirl’s Survival Guide: How To Goal Set For the New Year (2020 Edition)

First off, Happy 2020, Dear readers! I hope that you all had great time during the holidays, and I hope that despite how physically and emotionally draining the holidays can sometimes be, that you had a great one and that you all took care of your mental health as well.
Everything’s been well with me, and I do apologize for being very absent from this blog, especially during the -Ber months, as those are the busiest and most stressful months of the year for me.
However, I do plan on still posting, especially as one of my New Year’s resolutions Is to post at least twice a month here, so keep watching this space!

The new year is one of the best times to sit down and reflect on the year that was, and to make plans, come up with Goals and resolutions that you hope to achieve for the new year. However, this new year is pretty special as we have just entered a brand new decade-2020, making it the  perfect time not just to think about your goals and plans for this year but for the coming decade as well, especially as there is a special sort of motivational energy that comes from both the new year and the new decade.
For some, they come up with a list of goals and try to do that all throughout the year. For me, ever since last year,
 I’ve discovered that setting goals and yearly vision for myself that I share with someone I trust enough to be my accountability partner really works.
Doing this last year allowed me to achieve almost all of the goals that I had put down, and some actually came my way without even me looking for it. Templates for these can be found all over the internet, or some of these questions might even come with whatever planner you might have bought for yourself, if you are the planner type of person. For me, I’ve found that the goal setting worksheets from Lavendaire have worked for me the best, which is why  this is the second year in a row that my sister and I are using her goal setting workbook as a guide for our own yearly goal setting and visioning. However, regardless of whatever method or template you use, here are some useful tips for you to help jump start the year right.
1. Come up with a list of goals and projects you want to work on  throughout the year, and plot them out by quarter or by month. Once you do that, you can break it down into actionable, realistic steps so you know you can achieve them. You can put down your personal projects as well as the projects that you need to do for work.
2. Review your list of goals, and check for ones that you feel will recur every month. These will be your smaller goals.
3. List down some habits that you want to work on for the year. Based on that, choose which ones are your priorities and work on them one at a time. Try practicing one habit for twenty one days to a month, and once you are able to do that, you can move on to the next habit you want to form. It is very tempting to try and form as many habits as you can right away, but doing it one by one actually makes it stick longer.
4. Based on your list of goals and plans for the year, you will be able to gain a sense of what your overall theme for the year is. Having a word or two as your theme for the year really helps as it keeps you grounded on what you want to achieve for the year.
5. Have an accountability partner. Having one really does help you keep on track with your goals and plans. Plus, you can motivate each other when you feel you are getting off track. Another great tip is to schedule a monthly coffee date at the start of the year so you can review how the past month has been in terms of your goals, and to see what your goals for the next month will be. Planning out your next month will definitely get you excited for what it has to bring!
And those are some of my tips to help you get started on goal setting and creating a vision for yourself for the new year and the decade. I hope you find these useful!
Now let me ask you- do you goal set and create a vision for yourself for the new year? Do you have any other tips that I might have missed out on? Let me know in the comments below, and see you all in the next post soon!

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