The Welcome Back Post, 2019 Edition

I can’t believe it’s been around seven months since my last post in September of last year. Around that time, a lot of new and exciting things happened to me in real life, especially in terms of my full time job. However, this also meant that it demanded more of my time, energy and attention, which is why The Asian Aspergirl has been neglected for so long.

However, I knew that I still wanted to make my voice be heard on the subject, but never found the right timing to do so. Now that I’ve been able to take some time and think hard about things, especially in terms of the direction of this blog, I can finally make my comeback to this little space of mine. 

So, without further ado, welcome back to The Asian Aspergirl! It’s a start of a brand new year and chapter for this blog, and I hope that you all, dear readers, will stick around for what’s in store here this year.

Last year, I came up with different categories such as The Aspergirl’s Survival Guide, The Aspergirl Reviews, The Wandering Aspergirl, and Understanding Aspies. While some of these will still be around in 2019, I have added some new categories, and refined others, so that both you and I won’t be that confused about things. Also, expect things to be a little bit more lifestyle oriented this year, and that I’ll also be talking about other mental health issues that I also experience and have.

With regards to posting, I am hoping to post every week, every Tuesday night. 

So here are the things to look forward to this year! Also, if you have any suggestions for topics that I can write about under these particular categories, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment here!

The Social Aspergirl

Josh Groban Concert Philippines Feb 2019
My first ever big concert last February 2019! Aside from Josh Groban, one of my fave singers ever, Lea Salonga, also performed! 

 This category will focus on the more social aspect of things. Here, I’ll be talking about the events that I attend, whether those are aligned with my own social goals and challenges for the year, or whether they are mental health related events. I’ll also be talking about how I cope with my social anxiety, and how I lessen my stress when it comes to attending events before, after, and during an event. Some of these may overlap with some of my special interests as well. 

The Aspergirl Explains


This category will be taking the place of the Understanding Aspies category I created last year. In this category, I’ll be talking about particular terminologies related to autism, high functioning autism, and other mental health related issues that I experience, and will try to explain it in a layman’s manner for you to better understand what we experience and go through. Aside from explaining things, I will also be sharing my own insights with regards to these things, and my personal experiences as well.

Aspergirl on the Job


This category is something I’ve been wanting to put up for a while now. This section will concentrate on everything job and career related. This will include tips and tricks on how to figure out what the best career or job would be for you, handling work related stress and trying to achieve a good work-life balance, tips and tricks on how to prioritize tasks and schedule your work week, how to manage and handle stress, emotional stress management in the workplace, further studies, and how to handle interacting with colleagues and customers at work. As someone who is now a decade into working, I have developed a few tips and tricks that will hopefully be handy for others; and as someone who has tried many different jobs and went through a lot of soul searching in terms of my career, I feel that I do have a lot of wisdom to impart, especially for the working aspie.

The Wandering Aspergirl

The Bell House Library Museum
The Bell House Library Museum, Camp John Hay, Baguio City from our family trip last December 2018

Travel, whether it be a short trip or abroad, was something I really never thought would be in my list of priorities, as I never really traveled a lot when I was younger. However, over the past few months, I’ve been on several interesting local road trips, and gearing up for several trips abroad in the future, so I decided to dedicate a category to this. Here, I’ll be talking about my trips, my experiences, and tips and tricks that will help you have less stress when it comes to traveling.

The Adulting Aspergirl


This category will be replacing the Aspergirl’s Survival Guide. In this category I’ll be sharing my tips and tricks as well as experiences in trying to “adult” and survive, with more of a focus on tips and tricks on how to survive the urban jungle that is Metro Manila. This also includes tips and tricks on how to manage your finances, an area that I’m notoriously not good at; and by the time the end of the year rolls around, we’ll be talking about planning and figuring out how to set your goals for the new year. This will also include my own struggles, challenges, tips and tricks when it comes to being a good pet parent, as I currently have one awesome furbaby at home.

The Healthy Aspergirl

Be Energized Salad
One of my dinners-Be Energized salad from The Wholesome Table.

One of the things that I wanted to focus on was my health in all aspects- physically, mentally, and spiritually. These include my own journey to be better when it comes to my physical health (food, exercise and sleep); the routines I’ve set for myself to keep me sane everyday, and tips and tricks for self-care; and other things that I do to feed my soul as well.

The Aspergirl Reviews

This category hasn’t changed from last year. Here, I’ll be reviewing different kinds of media and analyzing how they portray mental health issues, people with autism, and especially those with high functioning autism. Aside from this, I’ll also be sharing with you what kind of impact these things had on me, and what insights I was able to take away from them. I am also still struggling in being more comfortable in watching or reading media that has characters with Asperger’s and I would like to work on that more this year. So, if you have any suggestions of books, tv shows and movies that have characters with mental health issues or Asperger’s, let me know! Also, I think I’d prefer it more if the main focus of the series isn’t the mental health issue or Asperger’s, but the character so happens to have mental health issues or is on the spectrum.

I’m also hoping on working on some passion projects in relation to this blog this year and next year, so fingers crossed that I’ll be able to do them!

Aside from this, I have also revived the Facebook and Twitter of The Asian Aspergirl, and I also just created this blog’s Instagram account. You can find all of my social media accounts on the sidebar on the right! I hope that you can find some time to check them out, like and follow them.

So, stay tuned and expect some interesting things to come out of this space in the months to come!


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