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The Aspergirl Survival Guide: Top Ten Tips to Get Your Mojo (Motivation) Back

Everybody, from time to time, has particular moments in their lives in which they have no motivation or drive to do anything at all. Sometimes, it is caused by too much stress; and other times, it is accompanied by depression or waves of despair.  Both neurotypicals and those on the spectrum experience these moments, but I do think that in some ways, that having no motivation and giving into despair hits us harder, and that we have more episodes in which this happens. So, in line with this, I decided to compile a list of tips on how I cope with those particular moments.

This was actually a request by Laina of The Silent Wave. Interestingly enough, that request came just as I myself was feeling a bit depressed and unmotivated, due to the fact that some areas in my life aren’t going as smoothly as I hoped it would at this particular moment of the year. However, creating this list helped me a lot as I do love making lists, so this was very therapeutic for me, in a sense. Also, please take note that this list will not include tips on medication, as I myself don’t take any.

Anyway, without further ado, here are my Top Ten Tips to Get Your Mojo Back.

1. Delve Into A Special Interest- When I absolutely have no motivation to do anything productive at all, I usually recharge myself by falling back to a special interest of mine. As I’ve been watching a LOT of tv and movies in the past few years, I usually end up watching an episode that I love or that makes me laugh.

2.Talk to Someone- When you know that you will be feeling unmotivated for the day, either talk to a good friend, or text a good friend. Tell them that you are feeling unmotivated or depressed and you need some help from them for that day or moment. Recently, I discovered that having a good telephone conversation with a good friend of mine whose also going through the same thing I’m going through at the moment, really helps. Also, in my most recent bout of depression and being unmotivated, I warned my sister that I needed her and that I’d be texting her the entire day. I honestly have no idea how I would have survived the day without doing that.

Friends relaxing.jpg

3. Look Up Motivational Quotes and Articles on the Internet- The Internet, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter are full of motivational quotes and articles that will help you get by for the day. Recently, I’ve been resorting to looking at Facebook groups in which I knew that others were also experiencing the same thing I was experiencing at the moment. The quotes, memes, and stories shared there really lift my spirits up. If you find quotes and memes that work for you, save them on your phone, or print them out and place them in areas where you can easily see them.

4. Listen to Your “Happy” Playlist- During days that you do feel happy and motivated, make a playlist of songs that you know will make you happy and will make you feel motivated. Trust me, such is the power of music.

5.  Make A List of All the Good Things That Have Happened to You & A List of Things that You’ve Accomplished So Far- I love making lists.  I find that making lists are therapeutic, and they help me organize my thoughts. During a recent bout of me being unmotivated and depressed, I ended up talking with a good friend on the phone,  and later on, I found myself actually making a list of all the actual good things that have happened to me that week and all the things that I have accomplished so far. Doing this made me feel better as I was able to reassure myself that I’m doing okay.

6.  Take A Break From Work or Go On a Holiday- Taking a break from work and what you usually do usually helps you recharge and refocus.  However, if ten minutes or a day is not enough, then I do believe that it is time for some change of scenery. You can have a mini-adventure somewhere nice, quiet and relaxing; or you can just stay at home, but do nothing related to work and just relax.

Pool Relax

7. Drag Yourself Out of Bed, Go Out & Treat Yourself- When we are unmotivated, yes, you will honestly just want to stay in bed and laze in it all day round. However, I suggest that you  get yourself out of bed, and treat yourself to something nice, whether it be a good meal out, dessert, or buy  that book you’ve been meaning to buy since forever. Trust me, you’ll feel recharged, and you’ll feel more motivated just by doing it.

8. Release Your Feelings in a Creative Way or in a Way That Suits You- Writing down my thoughts and feelings is very therapeutic for me. So, whenever I do feel down, I turn to my journal, and write. Usually, when I do that,  I’m able to begin to pinpoint why I’m feeling that way, which allows me to start thinking on what steps I can take next. If you don’t write, do something creative. I used to “color” my feelings out with oil pastels, and shouting at the top of my lungs at nothing at particular also helps sometimes.

9. Look At Things that Make You Happy- Trust me, nothing really quite gets your mojo back than looking at things that are cute or that make you happy. Whether it be puppies, babies or celebrity crushes, it makes you feel better quite quickly when you are down. For this,  I suggest having a couple of these pictures on your phone, notebook, or your desk.

happy place

10. Pray- Yes, this is cliche, but I’ve learned that this helps a lot. And I don’t mean just rattling off the standard prayers that we all learned when we were kids. Recently, I’ve learned how to actually complain to God and tell him how rotten and unmotivated I feel. I’ve learned that it’s okay to just sit down, talk to Him and complain about everything and cry. I used to think that this shouldn’t really be done, but I’ve come to realize that it really does help. Prayer really does work, as cliche as it does seem.

Of course, if you do have sever depression, then sometimes its better to take your prescribed medication. I didn’t include that in this list, however, as I don’t take any.

And that was my list of Top Ten Things I do to get my Mojo back. What do you think of this list? What do you do when you are feeling depressed and unmotivated? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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