The Aspergirl Cosplay Chronicles

The Aspergirl Cosplay Chronicles: Lessons Learned & Future Cosplay Goals

I’ve always found solace in my fandoms, as I usually end up making new friends with people who enjoy the same things that I do. To be honest, aside from that sense of belonging that one feels when you encounter others who like the same things you do, having similar fandoms with friends or with people I meet allows me to be a more confident person, as I know exactly what I’m talking about, and I can immediately start feeling a little more comfortable with that person. It has also always been my dream to cosplay, because, let’s face it, going to a fan convention is more fun when you dress up. Aside from that, just like how talking to someone in the same fandom as me allows me to be more confident, I find that actually cosplaying at a fan convention for fun allows me to be more confident in meeting new people and interacting with them. This year, I have decided to go all out with my cosplay, and to test run it, I started making my costumes last year.

I learned a lot from the two costumes I actually made myself last year, so I decided to put it down here so that maybe others can learn from what I have learned. Aside from this, now that the three major conventions happening in Manila have announced their event dates, I’ll be outlining my cosplay goals for this year.

Also, I do hope that I can use cosplay not only as a means for me to be more confident in meeting people at these conventions, but also as a way to spread an art form, and to show people like myself that cosplay can be empowering as well.

For my actual first cosplay of the year, I went as Sarah Jane Smith from Classic “Doctor Who”  in her “Genesis of the Daleks” outfit.

Elisabeth Sladen and Ian Marter as Sarah Jane Smith & Harry Sullivan in Genesis of the Daleks
Sarah Jane Smith
The Asian Aspergirl as Sarah Jane Smith (Classic Doctor Who) for Asia Pop Comic Con 2017

For this outfit, I decided to use things from my own closet, and bought some of the other items. The Fourth Doctor’s scarf, however, was a gift.

The best thing that happened while wearing this was that I managed to snag a picture with a female Cyberman!

Sarah Jane & a Cyber(wo)man
Sarah Jane & a Cyber(wo)man

For Halloween 2017, I went as “My Little Pony’s” Twilight Sparkle (without her crown and wings).

Twilight Sparkle
Image Credit: My Little Pony Official Facebook Page
Spike is Lost
The Asian Aspergirl as Twilight Sparkle

This one was definitely a test run for me, as it was the first time I was using a wig, and doing some crafts as I had to make the unicorn horn, ears, and the cutie mark necktie. There were definitely some struggles involving me and two different kinds of glue, making star stencils and cutting it out, but it paid off in the end.

For my birthday last year, I decided to have a costume party and went as everyone’s favorite party pony, Pinkie Pie.

Pinkie Pie
Image Credit: My Little Pony Official Facebook Page
Pinkie Pie
The Asian Aspergirl as Pinkie Pie

This was also another test run for me as I figured that the best way to actually put on Pinkie Pie’s cutie mark design was to sew it on. Surprisingly, I discovered that I can do some basic sewing, and was able to cut out and sew the balloons onto the skirt, as well as sew on the design that would be the balloon’s strings. I also discovered that I had an easier time sewing as compared to gluing things, which is a bit weird.

Making these taught me that even though I’ve always said that I’m not a very craft-y person, that I can do it if I put my mind to it, and if I’m given enough time to work on it.

Aside from thee two, I have decided on making two other new costumes, which are a little bit more difficult than these two. However, if push does come to shove and I hit a roadblock that I cannot find my way out of, I do plan to ask for help, if needed.

Ruby Rose
Image Credit: Arrancon/Deviant Art

Ever since I discovered “RWBY” last year, I thought that it would be interesting to try and cosplay as my two favorite characters in the series, of which Ruby Rose is one of them.

For this one, I already have my wig, and some black and red cloth to work with. The convention I plan to wear this is in July, so I have some time to work on it, as well as on the scythe, Crescent Rose, itself.

Image Credit: RWBY Wikia


Image Credit: Animo Apps

The other character that I do want to work is Nora Valkyrie, as she may seem a little bit too cheerful and crazy, but she definitely packs a punch with her weapon, Magnhild.

For this one, I’m sticking to Nora’s Volume 4 outfit, because it’s the version of her costume that when I saw it, I just knew I had to do this as a potential future cosplay.

As of the moment, I only have pink cloth to make the skirt.

I decided to go ahead with Ruby’s costume first because I already have the Ruby wig, and because even though Crescent Rose has a lot of moving parts and is big, I think that Magnhild will be more difficult to do because of the intricate design work it has.

And there you have it, all the lessons that I learned from last year’s cosplay attempts, and what I hope to accomplish this year!

Before I end this, I would love to get your thoughts, suggestions, and if you are an Aspie or autistic who does love to go to conventions and cosplay, let me know how you did it and how your experience has been!

‘Till the next time!  Happy crafting!


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