The Aspergirl's Survival Guide

The Aspergirl Surivival Guide: How To Throw an ASD Friendly Party

No matter what season or time of the year it is, it is not uncommon to organize little reunions, get-togethers, or host a party. For those on the spectrum, like myself, actually organizing a party and getting through it is definitely a big challenge in itself; while parents and friends of those on the spectrum might wonder what is the best way to host a party or to throw a party for someone on the spectrum. I am hoping that this list of tips and tricks will help those on the spectrum throw or host a party, and I hope that these tips will also help those parents and friends who want to throw a party for someone on the spectrum.

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The Aspergirl Reflects

The Aspergirl Reflects: Birthdays & Me

Ever since I was a teenager, birthdays are something that I look forward to and dread at the same time. As I have just turned another year older and decided to throw a birthday party again this year, I decided to take a step back and look back at previous birthdays and birthday parties, and analyze what happened and what I was feeling during those moments.

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The Aspergirl Reviews

The Aspergirl Reviews: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

As someone who never grew out of cartoons and anime, finding a really good animated show that isn’t too cheesy can be sometimes hard to find, especially when that particular show is really aimed at a very young demographic. However, sometimes, there are brilliant exceptions to the rule that not only kids can enjoy and learn from, but adults as well. “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” has definitely been that exception to the rule, so much so that it has gained a massive fandom, spanning from young kids, to adults alike. Aside from this, I do believe that watching this show also has an audience with high functioning autistics like myself, as it has helped me learn and process different friendship and life lessons more easily, and it has also imparted some important lessons that I can apply when I socialize with others.  Continue reading “The Aspergirl Reviews: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”

The Aspergirl's Survival Guide

The Aspergirl’s Survival Guide: How To Survive Social Events

Parties and social gatherings are definitely big challenges for those who are on the spectrum. Meeting new people and going to events to be able to socialize are difficult as there are a whole bunch of worries, anxieties, and challenges that we have to overcome, even though sometimes, these gatherings include people that we do know. And as much as we sometimes would rather not go to these things, we do know that these events cannot be avoided, and are great opportunities for us to be able to socialize with others. Due to this, I decided to make a list of ten tips that can be used to survive social events.

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The Aspergirl Explains

The Aspergirl Explains: Sensory Sensitivity

In my last post, I mentioned that people on the spectrum or those who have Asperger’s Syndrome easily get overwhelmed by everything that assaults their senses at the mall. This is actually true wherever we go, although it differs in what we feel and what sensory inputs overwhelm us. This is due to the fact that we have a lot of difficulty when it comes to processing everything that we see, hear, taste, smell and touch; and sometimes, this can also cause us to become overly tired when we go out as our brain isn’t processing all this input at the same rate as neurotypicals. However, even though we all experience this, just as every individual is different and unique, this affects each autistic individual in a different and unique way.

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The Aspergirl's Survival Guide

The Aspie Survival Guide: How To Survive Shopping Days & Malls

Malls, shops and stores are quite challenging for those on the spectrum and Aspies as they present a smorgasbord of external sensory stimuli and anxieties that end up overwhelming an individual. However, going to the mall or going shopping in brick and mortar stores is something that is unavoidable. Sure, there is the alternative of shopping online instead, but sometimes, there are just some cases in which you do have to go out to one of these establishments, either to buy something, or to meet up with family or friends.

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