The Aspergirl's Survival Guide

The Aspie Survival Guide: What’s In My Bag

Ever since, I’ve wanted to make the overdone “What’s In My Bag” blog post. However, now that I have a blog that is a little bit more personal, I’m grabbing the chance to do exactly that.

Unlike other posts of this nature,I am not going to be showing the actual bag that I always use, as I usually change up my bags from time to time, depending on which bag I’m in the mood in at that moment, and how big or small I need my bag to be at that particular time. Despite this, the contents of my bag remain pretty much the same all the time.



I use a black & pink organizer to keep most of the things in my bag nice and organized, plus it makes it easier for me to change bags in a jiffy. I have a clear make up pouch, in which I have a small mirror, an accessory or two, my spritzer bottle with some Barbaria Agua de Colonia in Lavender scent, my Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm, my L’oreal Sheer Plum Lipstick, and my asthma inhaler just in case. I have my black hand me down wallet, which is big enough for my cards, money, and receipts.  I also bring with me my PWD purchase books all the time, just in case I end up going to grocery while I’m out, and a spritzer bottle with alcohol. I also have a pen with me, almost all of the time. And, of course, I can never leave home without my phone, an Iphone SE, which has an assortment of apps so that I can read, or write a blog post if I end up being stuck somewhere for quite some time.


I always bring a notebook with me, just in case I get an idea for anything, and its handy to keep some checklists in as well. I usually use a small-ish notebook, which fits snugly into a blue and gold polka dotted notebook case, which also has a pen holder, a small zipper pocket, and a mesh pocket to store some documents or receipts in. I also have my Power Bank, my Iphone cord & charger head, and my earphones. Right now, I’m using the standard earphones that come with the Iphone, but I’m hoping to purchase a good quality pair of noise cancelling earphones as music is one quick and easy way to calm me down and to get my bearings, especially when I’m feeling a little bit overwhelmed, and in particular, in malls. I also have a really cute Disney planner from Japan that my friend gave to me as a gift.

I love bringing my planner along so that I can edit my calendar and plan ahead with regards to events to attend, and blog posts to put up.

Now, whenever I do have to work outside the house, I just have all this, and my DELL laptop and its accessories.



I recently discovered that an old laptop sleeves (the blue sleeve underneath the latptop) fits my DELL laptop, and leaves some room to insert a notebook or documents into it, so I decided that when I work outside, I’ll just carry it instead of putting it in my bag, which leads to a very sore shoulder after carrying it around on one side of my body. So, based on that, all I need to do now is stuff my laptop’s charger, and my portable Logitech mouse in whatever bag I’m using, in addition to everything I mentioned earlier, and then I’m good to go. I usually work on my laptop, and everything I do is more or less on the cloud, so I’m honestly good to go anywhere, as long as there’s WiFi. This also allows me to lessen the weight

Of course, there are times in which I do bring a scarf with me if we are watching a movie or going to go to a place where I know where it is going to be cold, but that’s just a minor variation as to what I bring around with me all the time.

Looking at what I carry around with me all the time, I realized that over the years, what I carry around with me has gotten significantly lesser, mostly because my poor shoulder kept on hurting because of the weight of everything that I usually bring around with me. So, I made some necessary sacrifices, like not lugging my journal and a book with me all the time, and went for alternatives- apps where I can plan and write, and ebook versions of books that I’m currently reading as physical copies at home.

In the end, I ended up having a bag with just only the essentials, but still serve a purpose even when I’m “recharging” myself by taking a break from all the noise and mayhem of the mall in a coffee shop, or if I’m already done with my shopping and just waiting for whoever I need to meet or my Uber ride to show up.

And there you have it, here’s what I bring around with me all the time, with a variation of what I bring with me when I work outside the house.

For others who are still trying to figure out what to put in your bag, I suggest that you go with the essentials, but make sure that you bring along a gadget or two that is multi-functional, and thankfully, today, our smartphones are all we need.

Regarding the bag itself, most of my bags are either brown, dark blue or black, so that they can go with any outfit that I wear. I also make sure that there’s enough room in my bag for everything, and that it’s not too big to the point that all you can see in my outfit is the bag. I also make sure that the straps of the bag don’t hurt my shoulder, and that it can carry the weight of whatever is in it.

What do you put in your bag? Are there any special items you put in, especially if you are an Aspie or on the spectrum? Sound off in the comments below!


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